Timeless Thoughts: My Childhood Dog


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February 17 will mark 1 year since my childhood dog, Buddy passed away. So I figured I’d reflect on some of the amazing times I had with him.



I was 9 years old when my dad surprised me with him for my birthday. My 9 year old self had been wanting a dog for a long time. On a May day, I entered my backyard where my party was held and I saw a small brown puppy sniffing around. I walked up to him and start petting him, wondering whose dog it was. I ask my dad the question and he broke the news: the puppy was mine.


I was a huge a fan of the Air Bud movies (which depict a Golden Retriever playing different sports) and so I decided to name him Buddy.

9 year old me holding 8 week old Buddy the day after my party

It was a learning process for all of us (my dad, my little brother and I) but we educated ourselves and we got used to having a dog around.


It was really surprising how he just sort of fit in with us. Like he was the missing puzzle piece that made our family complete.


He followed us everywhere. Whether it was a simple trip to the bank or a long vacation, if where we going allowed it, he would follow. It made everything better and he certainly liked the free treats from the bank and the new smells that came with new destinations.

13 year old me and 10 year old William (younger brother) on the shores of Lake Erie

As my teen years hit me, he was there for the bad times. Whenever I would come home from a bad day at school, my dad would let him loose as I started down the driveway and he run to me with such a happy look on his face. It never failed to make me feel better.


There were many times when he followed me home on my bike as we went from the neighborhood elementary school to home. It was so cool because we would both get the exercise and I loved having a sidekick.


He was a huge source of unconditional love for me on the days when I really needed it. If It felt bad about myself, Buddy would remind me that I was good for something.


Last year, as I drove home after hearing the news (and for William’s 17th birthday), in between songs, I said somberly: “I miss you, Buddy”. The song that played next was Parachutes by Coldplay and it was like Buddy was sending me a message that he would always be there for me.
“In a haze, a stormy haze, I’ll be round, I’ll be loving you always, always “
~Parachutes by Coldplay
After that, I decided I would take the unconditional love he gave me and give it to others, especially when they need it.


But now when I think of Buddy, I think of him as my “everglow” as reference to the song Everglow by Coldplay. He left me a light that I’m determined to give to others.