This Month’s Poem: August 2016

Well my Summer is officially coming to an end. Tomorrow is my first day of classes and while I’m really excited to continue my education, I’ll miss the relaxed, laid-back feeling that comes with the season. Thankfully, the warm weather doesn’t stop here. I’ll be able to enjoy it, at least until around October.


Anyway, not only is Summer coming to an end but also the month of August. And before it goes, I still need to post a poem for this month.


This one doesn’t have a name it’s something that came out of the blue last week, as I was doing a late night reflection. I first got the inspiration for it when I saw the Perseids (a meteor shower that takes place in the Northern Hemisphere during a few days in August). I hope you enjoy it.


I asked the stars

The question of love

Will it happen?

And when?


This was their answer:


We’re all the same, you and me

We live and we die

Sometimes, without ever getting noticed.

But other times,

The right person sees us

And our light reaches them.


But we’re all just a small part,

Just pieces of a universe.


Let me know what you think!