The Joys of Exercising (sort of)

Much of my immediate family said that it might be a good idea to start exercising.

So last week, I started running on the treadmill.

I looked on Pinterest to decide how I should approach the running situation. How long should I go? How fast do I need to go? I decided to do 30 minutes a day and my highest speed would be no more than 5.5 mph (8.85 kph).

The first time I did it, I couldn’t believe how tired I could get in just 30 minutes. I stepped off the treadmill and I felt like I was walking on air. And I was soaked with sweat.

That being said, I’ve decided to do my runs every morning so that afterwards, I could take a shower and get on with my day.

I’m really grateful that we have some equipment here at home so that I’m spared the embarrassment of trying to run at a gym or in the stifling heat. Plus, I’m at home so I have all the comforts that go with it.

I’ll try to continue this regime when I go back to school. My apartment is practically across the street from the student fitness center so there’s a ton of conveinence there. I just might have to go from doing my run in the morning to at night.

I definitely have some goals that I’m trying to accomplish with running. I want to more physically fit and I want to be stronger. These are some of the best years of my life so I want to make the most of them and do myself a favor.

But I find myself envious of my dog, Ellie when I look over at her during my run and I see her relaxing.