The Closet Hobby

A lot of people have one or two hobbies that they keep kind of secret or just prefer not to talk about with their friends. Here’s mine.

If you were to walk up to me on the street, you might not guess that I’m a huge fan of anime/manga. Sure, otakus come in all shapes and sizes but…I just don’t know if I meet the “appearance” of a typical otaku.

It actually started kind of a long time ago. As a child, I used to fall asleep to Cartoon Network (which would switch over to more mature content in the late night). A lot of times, I would wake up to anime being on and I would stay up and watch it briefly (I was between 5 and 8 so I couldn’t stay and watch the entire thing of course  ). But it turned out that some of the animes I caught were Inuyasha, Wolf’s Rain, and even some sort of version of Pokèmon.

As the years went on, I watched a lot of different shows and later found out that about half of them were anime (Dragonball Z, Ruroni Kenshin, Naruto).

When I got to middle school, when of my best friends took an interest into Fruits Basket, so naturally I followed suit. I also made some online friends that were Naruto fanatics so I went back and started watching the show from the very beginning (I only got as far as the chunin exams).

However, by the time I got to high school, I ditched it. I really hated being different and didn’t want to give anyone a reason to make fun of me or gossip. So I kept my geekery to Y.A. novels and the occasional computer jabber.

But I never really lost interest.

In my junior year, I tried to fight my interest and ended up feeling pretty bad about myself. Luckily, a lot of my friends and some of the people I hung out with were otakus. So when I started reading my school’s collection of D.N. Angel, I had some people to talk to and fan girl with.

In my senior year, I ditched manga/anime again and it pretty much stayed liked that until after my freshman year of college.

But then I realized that if I have an interest in something, I shouldn’t let anything or anyone stop me. Not even myself.

So last summer, I embraced my inner otaku and started watching anime again. I started with Attack on Titan ( Mikasa ) and then went back and watched the seasons of Inuyasha that were available on Netflix. And my fandoms just sort of extended from there.

Recently, I’ve been watching RWBY, Bleach, and Inuyasha (I found a free anime site where I could watch all the episodes).

I don’t really care if people judge me for this aspect. I am who I am and all that matters is that I embrace it.

P.S – If anyone has any anime/manga recommendations, I’d love hear them! 😀