#TBT: The Breakfast Club with the fam

I’ve decided to try and do these 2-4 times a month. As the name suggests, I’ll talk about a memory that means a lot to me and how it has impacted the person I am today.

For my very first Throwback, I’m going to share with you a memory from the first night I got back after finishing my third semester in college.

It started off with just my dad, my brother and I in the man cave (also known as the movie theater room because it has two tiers of seats). My brother decided to flip the channel to a showing of The Breakfast Club. It was my first night back home after a crappy semester that involved me having to drop one of my IT classes because I was failing. I had gone from having a 3.8 in the previous semester to dropping a class because I was going to fail and I was left in bad spirits because of it.

Anyway, through the first showing of the movie, my dad and my brother pretty much slept through it but when the second showing started up, they both woke up and took interest.

Later, my stepmom joined us and my dad and I explained to her how the movie was a classic and that it was popular with different groups of people. We laughed at the funny parts and listened through some of the more serious parts.

As I got ready to go upstairs to bed, I walked over to my dad and told him I was scared. I was scared for the spring semester and how I was afraid I would fail my classes again. He smiled and told me it was ok. That I was young and I wasn’t expected to have it all together. That going to college not only serves a purpose in higher education but allowing young people to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. And that I wasn’t expected to have my shit together.

He used The Breakfast club as an example and how Allison said that no one really has their shit together, they just look like they do.

Anyway, tomorrow I leave on a road trip to Florida with stops in Savannah, GA and Nashville, TN (on the way back). So I have a lot to do to prep for tomorrow. I’ll definitely blog throughout my travels (except for tomorrow because we’re just going to be on the road).