#TBT: First Flight

So before I tell my story, I wanted to let you know that instead of doing #TBT every other Thursday, I’ve decided to go ahead and just do it on the second Thursday of each month. That way I don’t get tired of it.

Middle school was a tough time for me. And I was honestly relieved when I put it behind me in 2010 (I was still operating my fan site turned blog Endless Running). Especially because the last day of middle school was the day before my family and I were supposed to go our first flight out to Spokane, Washington.

As soon as I got off of my last bus ride as a middle school-er , I ran to my house in my bare feet. I wasn’t the only one who got off at my bus stop and needless to say, they probably thought I was weird (which was fine with me because I had already grown used to the reputation šŸ˜‰ ). But I didn’t care. Because 24 hours later, I wouldn’t even be in the same time zone.

As soon as I got home, I took off my backpack and I laid down in the grass under the shade of my tree, basking in the warm June air and trying to quell my growing excitement at what was to come. Later on, I packed for the vacation ahead (my laptop was among the things I packed).

The next day started bright and early (we had a morning flight to catch). We drove to D.C. where we would catch a flight from their national airport. From the time we arrived, the whole thing was an adventure for me.

I know for many people, flying or taking a train is routine and not very exciting but as someone who doesn’t take those modes of transport very often, it’s a fun change of scenery.

Anyway, the whole airport scene fascinated me. From the planes taking off to the food vendors and every little thing in between, it was all really cool to my 14 year old mind.

I was nervous for the take off. I had been in an accident 3 weeks earlier so I was naturally a little scared of the unknown. That, and I made the mistake of imagining the plane in a crash.

As the plane sped up, my anxiety increased. But I was distracted by a lady across the aisle, holding her baby who was laughing and giggling. That made me smile and I though, “If a baby can be somewhat calm when a plane is taking off, then 14 year-old should have no problem”.

Unfortunately, our flight to Spokane wasn’t direct and involved us stopping for a layover in Minneapolis so we had to stop there (after a nerve wracking descent of course šŸ˜• ) . By the time we got on our second flight, I was less nervous and felt like I had been flying for years.

When we arrived, my excitement didn’t stop (I was on the other side of the country šŸ˜Æ ). And we drove from Spokane, through Idaho, and then to our final destination in Montana.

That was the day where I had officially stepped foot in all four U.S time zones. I was exhausted to say the least.