Tales from a stressed-out College Student

Hello Everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long…I’ll try to post on here maybe once or twice a month from now on.

I’ve you’ve kept up with my antics on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m finally done with the fall semester which was honestly one of the most challenging semesters I’ve ever had to go through. I don’t know about you but I feel like Fall semesters are always kind of a pain in the neck compared to the Spring semester.

Despite the challenges, I came away with good grades and I’m officially on track to graduate in just over 4 months. I’m so relieved. Though honestly, I feel like I would probably stop going to school after this semester anyway, degree or no degree.

I did learn a lot though so I’ll list a few things real quick.


I actually had kind of a hard time learning this but I find it really useful. XSLT is kind of like using a database and it’s kind of similar to using SQL, only you’re not really querying anything. The XSLT file has a list of things and you use XML to access certain parts of them. Here’s some pics from the homework I did.

This is part of the XSLT document, which in this case features info on movies.

This is the main XML document which is the file the user actually goes to when visiting the web. The Element tags in the header allow for extra control on content display.

I honestly hope to learn more about this and learn what else I can do.


Linux Penetration Testing

Even though my concentration is Web Development, I’ve also decided to obtain my school’s Cyber Security Certificate. This past semester, I took one of the security courses and while it was definitely challenging, I also learned quite a bit.

For my first project, I had to get into 3 Linux VMs at least once and I was successful! It felt really good when I was finally able to get root access, even though it was really challenging to figure out how.

This is one of the screen shots I had to send to my professor in order tp prove I got root access.

I’ll do a more detailed post about the steps I took to get root access to each of the machines but in short, I used an HTTP vulneability and used a SQL injection to exploit the vulnarability on this machine.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I hope everyone has been doing well and Happy New Year!