Stop and Smell the Roses

So today, I went kayaking with my family. I had fun spending time with them and all of us enjoyed the weather that we experience while out on the water.

While I was on the river, I heard the distinctive call of an eagle (I’m sort of a bird enthusiast 😉 ). I looked up and around my immediate surroundings and saw a flock of them soaring near the crest of a mountain not far from the river’s bank. And I just watched them. I watched them swoop and bank. I wondered what kind of joy they were experiencing or if they were as blissful as I would imagine feeling if I could fly.

I’m the only one who took notice of this of course. But I don’t really mind. Because one of the reasons why I find peace and contentedness both in my good times and bad is that I allow myself to forget what’s going on in my life, forget my circumstances, and I just watch the world around me.

During the fall semester last year, I often found myself running around betweeen work and classes and my extracurricular activities. And I recall being in my dirty catering and walking to quad after I had had my dinner and I just sat down on a bunch and watched the world around me. I watched the sun as it fought its way through the clouds, fellow students as the milled around, even the occasional dog running around. It was just so nice to just not have to use my brain, if only for a little while.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet but I love the state of Virginia (my home). I love it’s unique geography and history. I could go on.

I’ve had friends used to say that they disliked the state. They would say that it’s boring and that they couldn’t wait to get out. But I’ve never really felt that way.

One time I was with them I pointed out how beautiful the sunset was and I went on and on about the colors and the way it set over the mountains. And they would ask me to stop being sentimental (I can’t help it, I’m kind of a sap 😆 ).

But as a person who has had her fair share of sadness, I always try to find good and happiness in the little things. Even if the only good thing is a sunset or flock of birds flying or driving in my car.

There have been many times when I’ll be at Uni and I’ll just go for a drive in my car. If it’s warm enough, I let wind blowing through my windows be my A/C and I set my soundtrack to the local alternative/indie rock station.

I believe that there’s good in everything. Sometimes, you just have to stop and look for it.