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It is not the trail we conquer but ourselves

On Tuesday, I used my first day off in 2 weeks to do my first solo hike on the Appalachian Trail. I was going back and forth about bringing my dogs along with me for an added sense of safety and also so I would at least have some sort of companion with me. But after thinking it over, I decided that bringing my rambunctious Lab-Mix and my Goldie would be too much. So alone it was.

The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) spans 2,200 miles (3,541 km) through the mountains and wilderness of the eastern U.S. and I’ve grown up living less than 2 hours from the trail. I’ve always been in awe of it. I’ve always admired the hundreds of thru hikers that have completed the entire trail in one go and just the sense of community it offers makes it a total sanctuary for me.

So after a stressful couple of weeks both at work and with people, a hike on the A.T. was a must for me. I thought about doing a 9 mile out and back hike but after thinking it over, I decided it would be too much me at this point, given my physical state and how I’m not as fit as I could be. So I did a 3 mile hike instead.

It took me less than an hour to get to the overlook and since it was the middle of a Tuesday, there was no one there except me. It was actually really nice though. The weather was gorgeous and there was a nice breeze blowing.

I actually didn’t feel the loneliness at all when I was on the hike. I found out that I actually enjoy hiking a lot more when I’m by myself because I don’t have to keep up with any companions (I tend to be really slow when it comes to hiking) and I could stop whenever I needed to in order to catch my breath. My goal was to reach the overlook without taking any long breaks and I was able to achieve it.

Anyway, stupid me didn’t get a picture of the overlook (because I was too busy enjoying it) but I did take a video. Also, since I was alone, I experimented with my iPhone’s timer in order to get some shots of myself and they came out really cool, unique, and candid. I’ll leave you with those. Until next time!




  • Nancy

    It’s great that you got to spend your day off going on a solo hike! It’s cool that you live close to the trail. 3 miles is better than no miles ;). Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time up in the mountains. It’s fine that you didn’t get a picture of the overlook – I prefer enjoying my time XD. I bought an iPhone tripod so I can at least take shots of myself during solo trips XD.

  • Cat

    A hike sounds like a great way to spend your day off! Even though it’s physical activity, I always find hikes to be so relaxing, especially if you have great weather and a beautiful trail to be on. I’m amazed that there are people who are able to do that trail in one go though! It’s so long!

    I agree with doing hikes alone or with less people because it’s nice to go at your own pace. (I tend to do them with my husband, so he just has to deal with the fact that I’m slower, haha.) That’s too bad you forgot to take a photo at the overlook, but at least you got a video. It looks beautiful there!

  • Michelle

    Hikes are fun and something I do with my best friend and my dog, Marley. All of us love walking and admiring beauty in nature for what it is. Plus Marley loves the stimulus of nature because she would sniff everything but that’s their world, it seems.

  • Pauline

    Wow – this is such a great idea. I never thought of doing a hike alone, I usually have someone nearby because I’m super damn clumsy! xD It’s great that you got to experience it though, sounds like you had fun!

    I really enjoyed seeing your photos and watching your videos, thanks for sharing Cassidy! 🙂

    Nature is always great!

  • Tara

    Hiking is not my thing, haha! Well, okay, I’ll hike if it comes with smooth, even path. The rocky uneven path — nope. I am not a mountain goat in that aspect. I tried hiking before, and I worried about my own safety too much to really enjoy it.

    But I’m glad you enjoyed yours. It makes sense to hike alone to enjoy the nature and to do things at your own pace. Three miles is a good amount!