Radford Dreaming…

Have you ever had one of those harder days and you’re just thankful to be able to have some time to relax and so you sort of treat yourself?

I had one of those yesterday. It wasn’t hard in a sense that I had so much work to do and and I just really needed break. It was hard because it was emotionally draining.

I don’t want to go into specifics because compared to others, my day was a walk in the park. But there were aspects of my life that got to me and impacted me emotionally.

So I was glad that I could go upstairs into my room, watch Soul Eater (an anime that I had longed since finished) because it was nice to be distracted by these fictional characters’ lives which seem much simpler and straightforward compared to mine. That’s why I escape to fiction a lot.

Because in reality, I just quit a job that was too hard on my vehicle, I’m still a few months away before Fall semester starts and being reunited with everyone in APO (Alpha Phi Omega) and I’ll have to return to Radford (a ghost town at this time of year) in July because it’s the only place where I have a job.

I love Radford. I wouldn’t be going to school there if I hated it. And it really grew on me this past year. I wasn’t a huge fan of it my freshman year but that’s because I wasn’t involved all that much and all I did was go to class and stay in my dorm. It started to grow on me when I rushed Alpha Phi Omega.

There are things about Radford that are easier to deal with than things at home. Like when I walk out of my apartment building and I can see the student union building and the student fitness center from the front of my building (I’m less than a block from campus).

Also there’s the matter of food. I’m a picky eater and my life has been made difficult because of it. When I’m in Radford, I’m on my own. I use the money that I make from my job to pay for my food and other necessary things and I get to have more control over on what I eat because I’m the one picking the stuff out and buying it.But when I’m at home, my parents buy the food. While I’m grateful for the lack of adulting that comes with being at home, sometimes I find the difference to be overwhelming.

But I like being home too. Not only because I have my family but because my dogs are around. And where I’m living isn’t as empty and ghost town-ish. I’m still 10 minutes away from anything and I have to drive 25 minutes to get to Barnes and Noble (I frequent that place a lot when I’m home). But I never have to worry about being woken up by party-goers on the weekends and I have my dogs to come home to, which is a huge plus.

But I need money and I need to work. So it’s back to Radford in July. I don’t want to leave my dogs but I have some friends from APO that are still there and there’s an animal shelter not too far away from my apartment so I can volunteer there to satisfy my desire for doggy companionship. And I’ll do everything in my power to keep Radford’s ghost town status from driving me insane.