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Cassidy Currently: 8th Edition

Written on March 7, 2017

Hey everyone! Things have been busy for me lately. Luckily, this week I have a bit of a break because of Spring Break. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to lately. Halfway through the Semester I can hardly believe how fast the Spring Semester has gone. Last week marked week 7 and halfway through a

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Written on February 26, 2017

I’m sorry that I’ve been scarce on here lately. I’ve been having trouble balancing my two jobs, school, and extra-curricular activities and my blog has suffered as a result. I’ll try to be better at updating from now on. Anyway, If you’ve kept up with me on twitter, you’ll know that I had the opportunity

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On Love

Written on February 12, 2017

Valentine’s Day is coming up and while that day will be pretty uneventful for me, I do feel like bringing up the topic because of the mystery it holds for some people. 1)comic courtesy of Left Unattended Comics   I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m not seeing anyone that has the potential to become my

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Timeless Thoughts: My Childhood Dog

Written on February 5, 2017

  I’ve seen a lot of my blogger friends partake in this and but I’ve never had a chance to do it before now. This is a link-up hosted by Tara and Georgie. You can click the picture to go to the link-up. February 17 will mark 1 year since my childhood dog, Buddy passed

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Month in Review: January

Written on January 30, 2017

The first month is 2016 is almost done and the year is off to a really great start for me. I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. My classes are all going well and my semester is off to a great start. I can’t believe how fortunate I’ve been. Let’s hope February has

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