Night in the Music City

So I’m finally back in good ol’ Virginia. It’s so great to be home with my dogs again. Our final stop for our vacation was Nashville, TN. So I’ll go ahead and talk about my brief stay there.

We arrived in the middle of the day. It was really hot and stuff and I didn’t feel like being out in the sweltering heat for more than a few minutes. We stayed at the Hilton which was pretty grand. And we were right in the middle of the action.


View of the rest of the hotel from outside our door

I felt a little out of place while I was there. We normally don’t stay in places as lavish as this. We were surrounded by a lot of business type people. But our room was nice and spacious and it was the perfect place to stay.

Anyway, we arrived on a Saturday afternoon there were quite a few people on the streets. And with the heat, I was happy to be nice and close to some attractions. We were steps away from the Music City Walk of Fame which has some stars dedicated to famous musicians.


Country Music Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame from afar


There were mostly country singers on the Walk of Fame but there were also some rock musicians as well.

We wanted to see the Hall of Fame but unfortunately we arrived a half hour before closing which wouldn’t have been enough time. So we walked around a bit.

We came across the home of the Nashville symphony which had some amazing statues out front. It was really cool to see a tribute to something other than country music.


We went up and down Broadway and finally found a place to eat that was kid friendly. It would have been nice if we could’ve gone to a restaurant with live music but unfortunately, many of the venues were only catering to 21 and older.


The Bottom Line

Nashville was nice but I feel like it caters more to a different crowd than what we were used to. Food was OK. And the people were mostly nice. I think I’ll be able to experience it more next year when I’m 21. When comparing Nashville to Savannah, Savannah definitely takes the cake.