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New domain

So I was finally able to go ahead and purchase a domain! I’m so happy!

You might have noticed that the theme is more or less the same. I tried to build a theme of my own but I have been so out of practice (last time I built one was around 6 years ago) that I couldn’t get it figured out right away (I should have done better in trying to back up my themes from all those years ago so I could access them). But I do intend to some behind-the-scenes work so I can get my theme development skills back up to par.

But I’m so excited to have room to run around and spread my wings a bit and be able to have all the tools I’ll need as an aspiring web developer.

I found a good host in Awe-Inspired.com. They were really quick to get me set up and ready to go. Best of all, it’s free. Which is something that I was desperate to find because I’m broke college student.

I decided to go with a .com domain because I figured it would just be easier to navigate to. And now, when I tell my friends or fellow web developers where my blog is, I don’t have to rattle of some long url.

Back when I was younger, I was the proud owner of 3 domains. There was fieldofdaydreams.net (where my blog was located) twentyninesongs.info (where I had a photoblog) and sageleaf.me (where I had my blog concerning the Warriors series by Erin Hunter).

For now I’ll just stick with one and maybe add more as time goes on.


  • Jamie

    Oh my gosh, congratulations on getting a domain for you blog! Believe it or not, I just purchased another domain for my blog. You might remember visiting jamiejones.me ? Well, I ditched that domain as I felt that it wasn’t a blog’s name. I actually registered http://poetry-thoughts.com at 1and1.com and I too am hosted with awe-inspired.com. Welcome to the family!

    I believe I recognize your domain fieldofdaydreams.net. I actually have around 5 domains right now. 1 is for a collective, 1 is for a fanlistings collective, 1 is for my blog, and 1 is for my portfolio. I have never ever had 4 domains at once! When I first started blogging, the rule that my dad had on me was “You can only have 1 domain at a time. If you want a new domain, you can register a new one, or if you want to keep the domain you can re-register that one.” Honestly, this rule wasn’t that bad of a rule. My dad’s just one of those people that doesn’t understand the use of multiple domains. I do, but he doesn’t.

    Anyways, I will add your new blog’s link!

  • Georgie

    I remember all your old domains. 😛 I suppose you remember some of mine as well (like Heartdrops haha). It’s good to see you back, and nice to see you invested in a new domain. I actually have the same host that I did back when I had my first domain!

    I wanted a .com but I could not think of anything that I really liked where the .com was available. And sometimes it didn’t sound nice with .com either. I had some .com domains over time… but none I would have stuck with for a blog. I actually own heygeorgie.co now, but it redirects to my blog now. Many people said they love the dot between ‘hey’ and ‘georgie’. 🙂

    Most people are familiar with .com as well, so you made a wise decision 😀