Motivation: Jump start on the Future


Hello! I’m sorry that my posts have been somewhat scarce. I’ve been busy with school and my life outside the blogosphere and as much I try to fight against the real world, I have no choice but to join it sometimes.


Anyway, so I recently went to an internship fair for my major and I talked with a lot of great recruiters from  different businesses. I was really nervous but I’m really glad I went. I made a lot of great connections and I’m looking forward to being in touch with some of them as I start my search for an internship.


I also went to a seminar that the head honchos in the I.T. department were hosting that involved some recruiters answering questions for some of the students, concerning resumes, job hunting, interviews, and the like. And again, it was really informative and I’m glad to have come away with some much needed knowledge.



Anyway, whenever I look at motivation, I think of this song. It helped me get out of a really tough spot last year and I look to it now as I try to set the ball in motion to achieve my goals. Plus it’s a positive song, considering the events that are associated with this day.


I’m constantly telling myself not to loose sight of the things I want. So I’m always envisioning myself walking across the stage in 2 years, as my name is called. I think of my family, especially my dad, cheering me on. And that just makes me more determined.


I really hope that my efforts in going to the internship fair as well as the seminar will be rewarded. And I’ve decided to apply for at least one internship (if not two) a week.


I’m going to leave you with this quote that I think of whenever I find myself worrying about the future.
“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work”
~Robert Frost