Month in Review: January

The first month is 2016 is almost done and the year is off to a really great start for me. I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. My classes are all going well and my semester is off to a great start. I can’t believe how fortunate I’ve been. Let’s hope February has the same outcome.

My Highlights from the Month were:

  • Starting the Spring Semester
  • Getting to start my new job as a department tutor
  • Coming back to Radford and seeing all of my friends again
  • Snow! ❄️
  • Being elected to my fraternity’s judicial board
  • Feeling the love from everyone in my life, whether online or in person ?

Some Lows from the Month were:

  • Dealing with periods of boredom during Winter Break
  • Having to deal with Radford’s winter
  • Having to find a new host for Catastrophe Rising
  • Watching as Donald Trump became my new President
    • And watching him ban refugees from the United States

That’s OK because I accomplished:

  • Good grades on all my assignments thus far
  • I published Catastrophe Rising’s third theme
    • The blog reached a new high for the amount of comments on one post ?
  • Spending less time on Facebook and not having it be the last thing I look at before bed
    • More on this later
  • I joined my school’s Cyber Defense Club ?

My Activities from the Month include:

  • Picking back up the anime Naruto and starting Season 3
  • I finished Cress by Marissa Meyer (loved the ending! can’t wait to read the 4th book)
  • I started Lost on the Appalachian Trail by Kyle Rohrig
    • It chronicles a young man’s journey on a trail that runs for Georgia to Maine
    • Really enjoying it so far, the guy’s personality is great – highly recommend!
  • I watched My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke
    • This brings the number of Studio Ghibli Movies I’ve seen to

Next Month, I’m looking forward to:

  • CAPWiC on February 24th and 25th
  • Going home for my brother’s 18th birthday ?
  • Getting paid in a couple weeks

Next Month, I hope to accomplish:

  • Achieving good grades on upcoming exams
  • Moving forward with finding an internship for the summer
  • Learning more and more about Cyber Security

Finally, a Song from this Month:


I’ll try and post again in a week or so. Stay awesome!