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Month in Review: January

The first month is 2016 is almost done and the year is off to a really great start for me. I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. My classes are all going well and my semester is off to a great start. I can’t believe how fortunate I’ve been. Let’s hope February has the same outcome.

My Highlights from the Month were:

  • Starting the Spring Semester
  • Getting to start my new job as a department tutor
  • Coming back to Radford and seeing all of my friends again
  • Snow! ❄️
  • Being elected to my fraternity’s judicial board
  • Feeling the love from everyone in my life, whether online or in person ?

Some Lows from the Month were:

  • Dealing with periods of boredom during Winter Break
  • Having to deal with Radford’s winter
  • Having to find a new host for Catastrophe Rising
  • Watching as Donald Trump became my new President
    • And watching him ban refugees from the United States

That’s OK because I accomplished:

  • Good grades on all my assignments thus far
  • I published Catastrophe Rising’s third theme
    • The blog reached a new high for the amount of comments on one post ?
  • Spending less time on Facebook and not having it be the last thing I look at before bed
    • More on this later
  • I joined my school’s Cyber Defense Club ?

My Activities from the Month include:

  • Picking back up the anime Naruto and starting Season 3
  • I finished Cress by Marissa Meyer (loved the ending! can’t wait to read the 4th book)
  • I started Lost on the Appalachian Trail by Kyle Rohrig
    • It chronicles a young man’s journey on a trail that runs for Georgia to Maine
    • Really enjoying it so far, the guy’s personality is great – highly recommend!
  • I watched My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke
    • This brings the number of Studio Ghibli Movies I’ve seen to

Next Month, I’m looking forward to:

  • CAPWiC on February 24th and 25th
  • Going home for my brother’s 18th birthday ?
  • Getting paid in a couple weeks

Next Month, I hope to accomplish:

  • Achieving good grades on upcoming exams
  • Moving forward with finding an internship for the summer
  • Learning more and more about Cyber Security

Finally, a Song from this Month:


I’ll try and post again in a week or so. Stay awesome!


  • Rezina

    Congrats on your new job!

    I’ve read the Lunar Chronicles but haven’t had the chance to finish the series yet. I remember really liking the first couple books though.

    And yay for Studio Ghibli Movies!! I love them so much and I love Hayao Miyazaki’s philosophy about film making – makes me appreciate his work more. I’m interested in hearing if you have a favorite out of the five you’ve seen so far?

  • Joy

    Oh wow I’m glad you were having such a great first month of 2017! 😀
    I’m from Germany so we didn’t have much of a winter break sadly, but now since all my exams are done I have some free time untill march, I think! So that’s really nice I’m looking forward to catching up on my favorite TV shows hehe.
    Anyways, thank you for the compliment! I decided to stop using my real name because a few years ago when I was blogging and writing down my thoughs someone from university discovered my blog (through stalking me kind of…) and that lead to a lot of misunderstandings and stress so now I want to avoid such thing happening again.


  • Amy

    Glad to hear that 2017 has got off to a great start! It’s great to see that so many things are going well.

    I love Studio Ghibli movies. Totoro is my absolute fave, but when I made Andy watch it he complained that there was hardly any story line. I mean, come on, there’s a cat bus, what more could you want?! I also really love Ponyo and Spirited Away, could watch them again and again!

  • Michelle

    I’m glad that 2017 is going better for you, and I can tell! Oh my god, congrats on your new position, as well! You haven’t told us, what is your favorite Studio Ghibli movie so far? Mine is Princess Mononoke, forever and ever lol

  • Tara

    Yay for the new job and for starting your spring semester! Working and schooling will definitely keep you busy. It is a shame your winter break was a bit on the boring side, though. Switching web hosts can be a bit of a pain, but it’s done so you can relax easy now 🙂 Keep it up with your grades!

    That Appalachian Trail book sounds interesting. I may give it a go since the main character has a good personality XD I hate it when the main characters have awful personalities, haha XD

    Wishing you the best for February! ^_^ Hope it goes well!

  • Nancy

    Glad to hear that your semester has been going well so far. Congratulations on starting your new job! Hope you’ll gain a ton of valuable experiences while being a tutor. I’m hoping that Trump will tone down his attitude and policies big time. He’s hurting innocent people and their families.

    Oooh! Is the cyber defense club CCDC? Hopefully, your club is mature to the point where you can learn a lot of neat stuff from the workshops and such. Good luck with everything this month!