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Month in Review: April

The view from the venue where my fraternity’s banquet was held

I’ll apologize again for being inconsistent with my blogging. But if you’re in college or if you’ve ever been in college, you’ll know that April is absolutely insane for students, and this April was no exception. I’ve nearly grown tired of my Spotify playlist from the countless hours I’ve had it on as background noise while I study.

Even though exam week technically doesn’t start until tomorrow, my exam week is in full swing, having just finished my 2nd exam. The first was for a gen ed class and the second was for an online software testing class. I’m insanely happy to have those two behind and I’ll be even more thrilled when I finish my last exam on Wednesday.

Cross-Country Road Trip

I’ve had this idea for a while now and I’m starting to get more serious about it. Having done some research and looked up some travel times, I’ve decided I’d like to do a road trip to California. It’s been a dream of mine to go there and see the sights and set my feet into the Pacific Ocean, which is the last major U.S. body of water that I want to see (except for maybe the Arctic Ocean in Alaska). After doing the math and some calculations, I found that I could easily reach Southern California in 4 days from my college town and there are plenty of sights and stops a long the way. I don’t have to spend a fortune either, since I could hit up camp sites (I can pitch a tent in about 5 minutes), hostels, or if worse comes to worse, a Wal-Mart parking lot.

I was hoping that I might be able to do it this summer but I don’t think I’ll have the funds for it. So I’ll shoot for either winter break or right after graduation next summer.

But enough of that, here’s my summary of the month.

My highlights from this month were:

  • Getting to go to my fraternity’s banquet 1)Although the general rule is that fraternities are for boys and sororities are for girls, there are a few organizations that are co-ed like the one I’m in.
  • Getting to go home for Easter and see my family

My lows from this month were:

  • The amount of work I’ve had to face at my jobs and at school
  • Getting more rejections from internships

That’s ok, because I accomplished:

  • I did my first technical interview with a company that does programs to help kids learn how to code
  • I got an A on the longest paper I’ve ever written for college
  • I continue to get passing grades on all of my work for school
  • I got elected as the recording secretary of my fraternity for next school year
  • I’ve already done 2 out of my 5 exams

I also…

  • Finished the final arc of Sailor Moon
    • It was good series overall and I’ll definitely be rewatching it
  • Watched Mobile Fighter G Gundam
    • I remember seeing this anime as a kid, which prompted me to go and watch
  • started Gundam Seed
    • Another one I remember seeing from my childhood
  • Started rewatching Wolf’s Rain
    • I watched this when I was 14 but never saw it dubbed
  • Watched the anime movie Your Name
    • This movie messed me up so much that I didn’t know whether I was laughing or crying at the end

Next month, I’m looking forward to:

  • Finishing my junior year and going home
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • My 21st birthday on the 29th ??
  • Going on a few small adventures

Next month, I hope to accomplish:

  • Obtaining a job of some sort for the summer
  • Learning more and more knowledge so I can pass the Network+ exam2)I’ve decided I want to obtain a certification before I graduate
  • Starting on a new theme for this site

Finally, a song a from this month:

I’d love to hear how everyone’s month was. Hope you guys have an amazing May!

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1. Although the general rule is that fraternities are for boys and sororities are for girls, there are a few organizations that are co-ed like the one I’m in.
2. I’ve decided I want to obtain a certification before I graduate


  • Pauline

    I’m really excited to read more about your cross country road trip! Definitely, keep us updated and when you finally get to do it – document it!! 😀

    April is always a busy time for students. Working at the University and being a student has definitely confirmed this for me. I’m sure you’re gonna do amazing in your exams and pass with flying colours. 🙂 You can do it!!

    Ooo, 21st birthday! Excited for you 🙂 The best people are born in May/June 😉 Hahaha!

    Have an awesome month!

  • Tara

    Good luck with all of your exams 🙂 And that road trip sounds like it will be a great thing. It’s good you’re going to plan and try to do it next year!

    Wolf’s Rain! I’ve seen that years ago, and while it was interesting, it’s not one of my favourites ^^;

    Hope you’ll have a good May! Enjoy your birthday month!

  • Nancy

    Good luck with your exams! Academia and other stuff IRL always come before your blog so no worries.

    California is definitely a good choice! Having a gym membership that is available throughout the US is helpful with showering after camping! That’s what I did recently :). Whether it happens this year or next, hope you do end up going!

    Congrats on finishing your first technical interview! It is a good experience to go through. Good luck with studying for the Network+ exam!

  • Michelle

    I can suggest so many more animes like: Madoka Magica for sure. Great you love Sailor Moon but if you wanna know the original story for Sailor Moon, I suggest Crystal if only you can get over the inconsistent animation and into the story that follows the manga. I recommend Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. It is okay. Don’t beat yourself up about not blogging so much.It happens to us all.

  • Cat

    I hope your exams went well! Good luck!

    A cross-country trip to California sounds like it’d be fun. Four days isn’t too bad! I’ve been visiting California more often lately, mostly San Francisco, because my best friend and a couple of my cousins moved there. I hope you’ll be able to make the trip!

    I’ve heard so many good things about Your Name. I really want to watch that one. I also never finished Wolf’s Rain when I was younger, but I’ve been meaning to go back to it some time. Lately I’ve been following Attack on Titan season 2 and watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. (I never finished the manga, so I’m going the Anime route this time.)

    Good luck on your job hunt! I hope you’ll find something soon!

  • Cristina Cocioaba

    The country roadtrip is an amazing idea. I want to do as much travelling as possible this summer, especially in my country because there are a lot of thing that I haven’t seen yet. I can’t wait to make a plan and go for it. I am sure you will find a way to spend a small amount of money. I can’t wait to see pictures.

    The exams will pass. I remember in the past years that when finals came, I usedto spend 2 month inside my apartment and just study. It was horrible. I hated it and I was coubting the days until it was over.

    Now I look back and I realized that I stressed too much and I put a lot of pressure on myself. Take it easy, one step at a time.

    I hope may will bring you the best. Take care <3

  • Georgie

    I think any month would be pretty hectic for any student. It’s nice that you checked in and wrote a blog post even though you were so exceptionally busy.

    I wish you all the best of luck in your exams though, I guess they are passed by now though, since I’m reading this a little after you posted. I’m sure you did well and most certainly passed 🙂

    The road trip sounds like it would be a lot of fun. If it’s a dream of yours then you should definitely get onto planning it for your next break! ? Summer would be better if you want to get in touch with the ocean – I’m sure the trip will be worth it regardless!

    Even though you got a lot of rejections for internships, remember that it’s a normal thing that does happen. And you will get something you are suited to and someone will recognise that you are a valuable asset… the most important thing is that you are trying and applying and that’s better than not even giving it a try at all.

    I momentarily keep forgetting we share the same birthday. ? I’m looking forward to mine too ? ?