I’ve been thinking too much…

Song: Ride by Twenty One Pilots

So the title of this post is a line of lyrics from the song mentioned above. It was blaring through the radio in my friends car so I figured that I’d use some lyrics for title. I might do this from time to time so keep your eyes peeled for more.

So today started off pretty normal. I woke up at 9:30 to the sound of my text tone as it notified me of incoming messages from various people. So I took that as a signal to wake up. I look to my floor and saw that my dogs were laying down, so naturally I tell them good morning. As we got up, my dog, Ellie gave vocal grunt at having to go from laying down to standing up.

I love Ellie. I feel like we have a lot in common sort of (despite being two different species). She has some problems that need to fixed, I have problems that need to be fixed. She’s a piece of work and I’m pretty sure I’m a basket case.


An Ellie Selfie


So it’s natural that we would both choose the same area to lounge in our free time.

After a relaxing morning, I drove a little bit to meet Kayla so we could grab lunch and hang out.

After a fulfilling meal, we proceeded to drive to Old Navy where I picked up two pairs of shorts, sunglasses, and pair of black ballet flats (I just bought a black and white dress so I needed shoes. Plus black ballet flats are versatile).

We proceeded to poke around in the other stores in the area, including Ulta Beauty (where we tried on bold lipstick colors), Starbucks (to get refreshing drinks), and the Apple store where I proceeded to make my way to the Macbooks and check to see if my dream computer was still the same price as when I last looked at it. Kayla listed to me go on and on about how a Mac would make school easier and how much memory I would need because I was an IT major and how excited I was/am for iOS 10. I think she sort of expected that from me.

We then drove to one of the biggest malls on the east cost (right up the street from the shops mentioned above) where I proceeded to look in Hot Topic and geek out (especially after seeing a Ravenclaw cardigan). We up with one of Kayla’s old friends and we talked about the area and the high schools we went to (I used to live and go to school in the town we were in). We talked about some of the guys we were interested in and how many of them are douche bags.

It was a great day and I was so happy to get with my friend and hang out. Especially with the last few days being kind of crummy.

When I’m having especially crappy days, I like to fantasize about becoming a hermit and shutting myself up in my own apartment with just a dog, a bunch of books, and a computer.

But I realize that despite my being an introvert, I need people. I need people to interact and be friends with. Even though they sometimes piss me off.