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Far Over the Misty Mountains…

Hey guys. So a lot has happened since I last posted.

First thing is,  I got a new host. I found out on New Year’s Day that my old host was closing. She apparently sent a bunch of emails but they all went to my spam (thanks Microsoft ?). So I went back and found out that the server would going down on the 31st. So without waisting any time, I started to find a new host.  I was hoping to find someone that could host me for free like my old but I’m getting used to the fact that free domain hosting is rare and not widely offered. So I decided to go ahead and pay for it. After doing some research, I decided to go with OfBlue. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say great things about it and since Nancy is one of the girls who runs it, I decided that it would be the perfect new home for Catastrophe Rising. And their customer service has been absolutely amazing.

Anyway, as you can tell, my new theme is up! I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I had a few issues with CSS as far as links go. I used Underscores  as a framework for the theme but header image and design are all me. Plus, I was able to figure out how to format the comments so they look a lot better than those in plumquotes.  The bad thing, I wasn’t able to make this theme responsive due to a lack of skill and so I’m kind of disappointed; I really want to improve my adaptive web development skills and so far, I haven’t learned anything from my classes. Hopefully I will at some point.

I definitely like this theme better than the previous one. After showing my Web Programming professor the theme, he gave me a bunch of constructive criticism that I took to heart. So throughout the design process, I had his voice in the back of my head and I was imagining what he would say about certain aspects of the theme. I think he would say this one is an improvement. I’ll have to show him when I get back to school.

Anyway, this theme is called Misty after the name of the color scheme that I found on Pinterest. The title of this blog post is excerpt from the song in The Hobbit because I’m such a geek and I have a hard time thinking of the word “Misty” without thinking of “Misty Mountains”. ? ?

Unfortunately, during the move, the WordPress back up lost all of my images and other media so many of the earlier posts will be missing those images. If certain posts become important then I’ll go back and upload new images for them. It occurred to me that since I started off on, I can go back and get an export and restore some of the images, which mainly include posts from my summer vacations and other excursions.

Building this theme has definitely solidified my goal of becoming a full stack, bad-ass Web Developer and I am determine to gain all the knowledge I need in order to reach that goal.

Anyway, that’s all for now. If you find any errors with this new theme, let me know.



    • Cassidy

      Hey Sakura!
      Yeah I was under Awe-Inspired. I hadn’t realized that Randi was closing down until I went to the site. I’ve never heard of Snow Blush. I guess they’re a good host?

  • Rezina

    I love the title of your post! The Hobbit is one of my favorite books.

    I saw on Twitter that you were having some difficulties but I’m glad those were all sorted out. Kudos to your new theme! I also think it’s very cool that you seek out constructive criticism. I think I would be too afraid to ask my professor for their advice, aha.

    When I used to blog under a subdomain, I used OfBlue Hosting and they’re completely amazing! Great customer service and I never ran into any problems when I was with them.

  • Tara

    Love the new theme and its reference to that addicting earworm from The Hobbit 😀

    A shame you lost a lot of the things in your move, though, but at least you can slowly re-add them as the time come.

    OfBlue and Nancy are amazing. I always recommend to those seeking cheaper hosting alternatives to check OfBlue out! Nancy is definitely helpful!

  • Nikki B

    I like the new theme and color scheme. Keep up the good work.
    I used to strive for learning everything there was to know about web development but stopped for some reason. I’d love to get back into it. Hope you are able to accomplish big and great things with your journey. Can’t wait to read more.

  • Liz

    I love underscores! It’s the only framework I care for. I’ve tried all the others, but meh. I’ve been too busy/haven’t had time to make a theme or anything, so I’ve not in a while. I dislike making my own, heh, but my cousin wanted one. ?

  • Sasha

    As a huge Hobbit fan (more fan of The Hobbit than The Lord of the Rings actually), your entry title made my day. 🙂

    I agree with the comments above: the theme and its colors really do remind of mountains in the fall season, when you see the mist swirling among the trees; I – but not must me – love it.
    Keep up the great work. 😀

  • Kya

    I am glad that you were able to find a new host. It can be really hard to find a free host now. Sometimes I really miss hosting people.

    Nice work on the new theme. 😀 Trying to make a design responsive can be a pain. While I am certainly no expert, what I discovered was if I made a layout in percentages and made custom styling with media queries, I could focus on a specific size, and just make sure most things were full width and not floating. I am not sure if that makes complete sense, you can email me if you want to talk about it in more detail. 🙂

  • Pauline

    I really love this theme Cassidy! The colour scheme is awesome. I always find it hard to find a good colour scheme so props to you! I’m glad you can take your professor’s critics to help you improve! That’s an awesome characteristic.

    I’m sorry about your host but I’m glad you found a new one. I remember reading your tweets and was thinking myself like omg I should tell her about Nancy’s hosting because I know she’s always been reliable. Glad you managed to find it 🙂

  • Georgie

    The colours look great together! You’ve done a great job. ? It’s a shame about the responsiveness and that you haven’t been learning much from your classes, but don’t let that stop you from finding the time to work it out yourself by using the resources on the internet. I think a good start would be to use percentages for widths (rather than pixel values) for any of the parts of the layout and develop mobile-first. If you make the whole layout how it would look on a mobile device, and from there you use media queries to move the parts of the layout as the screen gets bigger, it will end up being easier to develop.

    I’m glad you got the hosting issues sorted out! Nancy has done a great job with OfBlue over the years, definitely a good choice. 😉

    I think what makes me want to become a full-stack developer instead of just a front-end developer is (because I have come from the front-end) wanting to be able to hook things up with the back-end myself instead of asking a back-end developer for help all the time ?

  • Nancy

    I always check my spam mail in case something important gets sent there @__@. Hope you’ll have a great time being hosted ;).

    I’m digging the simplicity of your layout. The more you play around with your layouts and incorporate some cool techniques, the better you get. Hope you’ll get some good feedback that will keep pushing you to learn :). Hope you’ll find some time to restore the images on the blog!