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Day Trip: Harpers Ferry

Smile the worst is yet to come

We’ll be lucky if we ever see the sun

Got no where to go,

we could be here for awhile,

But the future is forgiven so smile

-Smile by Mikky Ekko

We listened to that song on the way home. I love it because it reminds the appreciate the little things. And it was a song from the movie trailer for Paper Towns.

My day started off with me being locked in my room and unable to get out because the lock was jammed. I had to use my passport to unjam the lock. So that was interesting. :hehe:

Anyway, today my good friend, Kayla and I decided to drive the 1+ hour to Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. I hadn’t been in nearly a year and Kayla had never been so I thought it would be a nice change.

When we got there, we had a hard time finding parking. That and it was 93° F (34°C) plus the humidity. So it felt pretty sticky outside. But I was really excited to show my friend some of my favorite places.

I started off by showing her where the Appalachian Trail (AT) crosses the Potomac River into Maryland.




After crossing the bridge, we walked along the C & O (Chesapeake and Ohio) canal for bit, with river to our right.


As I mentioned, it was hot and muggy and I was almost ready to jump in and cool off.

We backtracked, deciding we would find a place in town that sold water. And we came across and old tavern that was being preserved.


We both thought it was really cool and rustic. I’m so glad that park service kept a lot of the heritage preserved.

After that, I wanted to show Kayla what is probably my favorite view in the region. Unfortunately, for us to get there, we had climb lots of steep steps. That and the heat and we were out of breath by the time we arrived. But it was a great place to stop and rest.

A view Thomas Jefferson said was "worthy of a voyage across the Atlantic"
A view Thomas Jefferson said was “worthy of a voyage across the Atlantic”



Jefferson Rock is hands down my favorite place in Harpers Ferry and I was glad that I could show Kayla the amazing views.

When I was in high school, I used fantasize about asking a friend with a car if they could drive me to Harpers Ferry so I could run away and hike the AT. It was really far-fetched of course but that’s how much I love the town.

On our way back down, we stopped to look in a cathedral that was just off the AT. And it was beautiful.



Unfortunately, the heat got the better of us and we were ready to head back to my car and go home. But not before getting my National Parks passport stamped.


And of course a few pictures of ourselves.



If any of you guys are ever in Washington, D.C. for a visit, I highly recommend making the trip out to Harpers Ferry. It will not disappoint.



  • Pauline

    What a wonderful trip! 😀 Thank you for sharing the photos, it looks like an awesome place. I love reading blogs on people’s trips because I can always think of them whenever I plan my next destination 😀

  • Cristina

    It looks amazing. It’s a nice thing you guys got to this place and had a day off. Maybe I should do something similar soon, because I am starting to get tired of this crowded city. I could use a quiet place with some amazing views.

  • Georgie

    Amazing views! Sometimes it is worth trekking a lot for a good view. It’s very rewarding.

    I love when heritage sites have been kept the same way and when you get to see a lot of history in a town’s buildings and remains. Sydney is an awfully boring city in terms of history. We have very little compared to other countries. So it’s nice travelling and seeing that kind of thing (in my opinion).

    I have read Paper Towns but haven’t yet seen the movie. I’m not sure what to expect of it, and not being a movie-lover, I don’t know when I will ever watch it. 😛