Day 2/3: Apalachicola,FL


So I’ve been pretty busy enjoying my time here in Florida. So I might not update as often as I would like. But I’ll go ahead and talk about my first two days here.

Day 2

So this day started a little earlier than I expected. I woke up at around 5:30 am after hearing some rustling in my bags. I was instantly freaked because I was afraid I was sharing space with a rat or mouse or some other rodent. I was about ready to tear my room apart to see if I can find a hole where my so-called roommate was staying. But since it was early in the morning, I decided to pick my bags up off the floor and deal with it later.

It hadn’t really occurred to me that I’m in Florida, home of gators and other reptiles. So it surprised me that when I did wake up, my step-brother informed that were not sharing space with a mouse or a rat but with a lizard. I was pretty relieved. I know some people would probably be like “oh it’s a pest so that doesn’t make me feel better” but I would much rather be sharing space with a lizard than something in the rodent family.

Lizards aside, we pretty much spent the day exploring our surroundings. Starting with the beach that we were across the street from.


We aren’t directly on the Gulf of Mexico but we are on a sound which makes for calmer water. We were able to find a bunch of different things including sea glass.

Later we did actually see the Gulf. This would be my first time touching a major body of water besides the Atlantic. So I was really happy to finally set foot on a different body water that’s far away from my home in Virginia.

Afterwards, we went back into the town of Apalachicola and got some dinner.

I was really surprised when I arrived here. I was afraid that we would be out in the middle no where and that I would feel isolated without a major town or some sort of civilization nearby. Luckily, Apalachicola has its fair share of comforts like fast food, hospitals, etc. but it still has the beach town charm.

Day 3

We went fishing.

At first, I wasn’t really looking forward to it but I ended up having a great time and I caught a ton of fish (including sharks and eels). And I just loved the scenery and breeze.


I feel like I got see the Florida that everyone talks about (palm trees, white sand, blue water).

After we got off the boat, we got lunch and headed home. We were all a little tired from having to wake up early and then the boat trip was a little rough (I’m having trouble not falling asleep right now).

But Florida is definitely what I’ve expected and I’m really glad I get to enjoy it.