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Cassidy Currently: 9th Edition

So now that school’s out for the summer, I’ll definitely try to add more variety of posts onto my blog, especially since I’ll have more free time to do some of my hobbies. I’ve already started reading the final book of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and I’ve started coding a new theme for the blog (I can’t for you guys to see it). I’ve also continued to study for the Network+ certification. It’s been really nice to do all of these things and not have to worry about coding for school or studying for finals. Also, since the weather is warm, I’ll be able to do more outdoorsy things like kayaking and hiking with my family. I think it’s going to be an awesome summer. ?

Is it allergies or…?

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen me complain about a sore throat and allergies and such. I’ve also had to deal with a stuffy/runny nose, and an occasional cough. I had some green tea this morning and it was super helpful. I only wish I could have it in an I.V. or a patch.

My step-mom seems to think it’s allergies but my symptoms haven’t been responding to allergy medicine so I’m starting to wonder if its a head cold or something. Either way, I want to feel better again so I can enjoy myself.

Starting my Summer job

I was very fortunate to find a summer job a couple days after I got home. I went to interview with one of the managers at a local restaurant and it went so well that he hired me on the spot! I was so happy because I was stressing about it as the semester came to an end I wanted to have some way of making some money for this summer.

Anyway, I’ll be starting my training tonight as a hostess and then I’ll eventually learn the tasks of a waitress with the goal of me being able to do both jobs. The pay should be good and the manager was super nice about meeting my requests for days off (especially with my birthday coming up in a week and a half).

There’s still hope

As I drove toward home last Friday, I got an unexpected call from a lady who works with the county that my hometown is in. She called to request an interview for an I.T. internship that would involve helping to install new things in county office buildings. I was shocked because I had applied to it as a last ditch effort and I had given up on finding an internship.

Anyway, when I got the details, I found out that I’ll be doing a regular (not technical thank goodness ?) interview with a Network Administrator next Tuesday. When I found out my interviewer’s job title I freaked out because (as you read above) I’m studying networks as part of training for the Network+ certification exam and if I get the position, I’ll have a chance for some hands on learning. Plus the position would be part time so I still be able to work at the restaurant and make extra money.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it would make my year to be able to obtain a position like that.

Me currently

Anyway, that’s all the news I have f0r now. I’ll be posting again soon!




Month in Review: October

So I’ve decided to start doing posts that sum up my month. I’ve seen other bloggers do it and I think it’s a good idea for me to be able think back and count my blessings as well as set goals for the month ahead.


Before I get to that though, I think I’ll talk about my day so far.


It was business as usual. My first class (an IT class) involved reviewing for an upcoming exam on Thursday (which I’m really nervous for ). My second class (Microeconomics), however, involved starting new material. Only the classroom computer was acting up and my professor was in need of assistance. With me being an IT  major, I decided to help (but only after she offered extra credit). It took me a bit but I was finally able to get her laptop to connect to the projectors and she was ultimately able to proceed with the lecture. As I finished, I heard one of classmates boo me and someone else asked how much extra credit I was getting. I ignored them both. I assume that the dude that booed was disappointed because he was hoping for an extremely short class on account of technical difficulties.


That whole thing was minor but it did cause me to think of a defense. And here it is: we’re students, we’re there to learn and make the most out of our money (or our parents, etc) so that we can get the information we need in order to be successful in our chosen fields of study. If the class were to have ended early because of technical difficulties, that would have been hundreds of dollars wasted. So I stand by what I did because I made the most out my education. Anyone who thought differently was either lazy or ignorant. Enough said.


But October was pretty crazy. There were a lot of ups and downs but I’m still persevering. I can’t believe how fast it went by though.


My Highlights for the Month were:

  1. Getting to visit my grandmother the weekend before last
  2. Meeting some of the new pledges in my fraternity
  3. RWBY volume 4 premier


Some Lows from the Month were:

  1. A part in my car had to be replaced
  2. I failed a test
  3. Worst week: Oct 9 – 15


It’s all good because I accomplished:




  1. Making a live data program with JSON and Java (pictured above)
  2. Making a palindrome checker with Java
  3. Getting As on both my Business Calculus classes
  4. Receiving passing grades for exams in my other classes


I also:

  1. Finished the anime Rurouni Kenshin (Loved it!)
  2. Started the fourth arc of Sailor Moon
  3. Started watching the anime Vampire Knight
  4. Bought some markers to use in my adult coloring book


This month, I’m looking forward to:

  1. Going home for Thanksgiving break in two weeks
  2. Seeing my family
  3. Getting my harder assignments done
  4. Learning more skills


This month, I hope to accomplish:

  1. Get my modge podge game done for class
  2. Get my final project (also a game) done for class
  3. Get my live data project done for class
  4. Get passing grades on future exams


And finally a song that I fell in love with last month was:



I hope everyone’s October was good!

Motivation: Jump start on the Future


Hello! I’m sorry that my posts have been somewhat scarce. I’ve been busy with school and my life outside the blogosphere and as much I try to fight against the real world, I have no choice but to join it sometimes.


Anyway, so I recently went to an internship fair for my major and I talked with a lot of great recruiters from  different businesses. I was really nervous but I’m really glad I went. I made a lot of great connections and I’m looking forward to being in touch with some of them as I start my search for an internship.


I also went to a seminar that the head honchos in the I.T. department were hosting that involved some recruiters answering questions for some of the students, concerning resumes, job hunting, interviews, and the like. And again, it was really informative and I’m glad to have come away with some much needed knowledge.



Anyway, whenever I look at motivation, I think of this song. It helped me get out of a really tough spot last year and I look to it now as I try to set the ball in motion to achieve my goals. Plus it’s a positive song, considering the events that are associated with this day.


I’m constantly telling myself not to loose sight of the things I want. So I’m always envisioning myself walking across the stage in 2 years, as my name is called. I think of my family, especially my dad, cheering me on. And that just makes me more determined.


I really hope that my efforts in going to the internship fair as well as the seminar will be rewarded. And I’ve decided to apply for at least one internship (if not two) a week.


I’m going to leave you with this quote that I think of whenever I find myself worrying about the future.
“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work”
~Robert Frost

The Joys of Exercising (sort of)

Much of my immediate family said that it might be a good idea to start exercising.

So last week, I started running on the treadmill.

I looked on Pinterest to decide how I should approach the running situation. How long should I go? How fast do I need to go? I decided to do 30 minutes a day and my highest speed would be no more than 5.5 mph (8.85 kph).

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