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Month in Review: November


Wow I can’t believe that November is already over. It went by really fast for me. Maybe it’s because of all the crazy things that happened? I feel like my junior year of college has been going by really fast. It’s crazy to think that I’ll be graduating in a year and a half. It’s kind of scary to think about graduating and finding a real job.


Anyway, I had some lows for the month but it went really well overall. Though I’m not looking forward to finals the week after next. ?


My Highlights from the month were:

  1. Thanksgiving break!
  2. Seeing my family
  3. Getting offered a tutoring job for next semester


Some Lows from the month were:

  1. Getting sick
  2. Having to stay up until 3:30 am to finish a project
  3. Worst week: Nov 6 – 13


That’s Ok because I accomplished:

  1. Building a fully functional game with java
  2. Building a live data application with java
  3. Starting at 5 am, driving 4 hours straight without caffeine
  4. Getting my work despite being sick


I also:

  1. Started watching the anime Spice and Wolf
  2. Started watching the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion
  3. Started on the Gilmore Girls revival


This month I’m looking forward to:

  1. Starting Winter Break!
  2. Christmas and the other Holidays
  3. Seeing my family in less than 3 weeks


This month I hope to accomplish:

  1. Getting passing grades on all my finals
  2. Finding a job to work over winter break
  3. Finishing off the semester successfully


And Finally, a photo from the month:

The sun shining through a tree at my university
The sun shining through a tree at my university

I took the photo using my iPhone 6s and I am amazed at the quality. Anyway, I hope everyone’s November was good!

Cassidy Currently: 5th edition


Hello! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated so I’m going to go ahead and brief you on some of the things that have been going on in my crazy life.


I got sick…AGAIN


Yes unfortunately I was struck with some kind of weird bacterial infection. I’m better now but it was still terrible to have something slow me down again. ?


It started off with me getting aches and chills and fatigue. And later on a fever and a relentless cough. There was even some vomiting. I finally caved and had my roommate drive me to student health where they tested me for the flu (it came back negative) and prescribed me some antibiotics and heavy duty cough medicine.


Unfortunately, I had deal with the side affects from the medicine which involved me feeling dizzy and fatigued.


Thankfully, it didn’t take long after that to get over it.


I picked my classes for the Spring Semester…


With my fall semester coming to a close in about 3 weeks, it was time for me to plan for next semester. And I’m really excited about my classes. I’ll be taking three IT classes, including Intro to Security, Database 1, and Software Testing. I’m also taking Intro to Statistics and Principles of Marketing. I got all the good teachers for those classes so I’m hoping for a successful Spring Semester.


I’ve been hard at work on my school projects


If you recall from previous blog posts, I mentioned that I have a game to work on before the end of the semester. Well as of today, I’ve got my main character to jump and move around so I’m really happy about that. I plan to make as much progress as possible, especially since its due in a week. ?


I’ve also been working on my live data project. My professor allowed us to choose whichever type of data we wanted and after some deliberation, I decided to go ahead and due Washington DC metro train arrival predictions. I’m almost done with it, with just a bit of tweeking needed.


I drove home and started Thanksgiving Break


With Thanksgiving being in a few days, it was natural for schools to let off on Friday so that students could go home and be with their families. So I left Radford (which is in southern Virginia) to go to my home in Northern Virginia.


Unfortunately, since it was a major travel day, I ran into a lot of traffic on the way home. It was so bad that I probably uttered the phrase “I hate people” more than 20 times. ? It ended up taking me an hour and a half longer than normal to get home. Luckily it wasn’t just me in my car. I had a friend that was meeting his family in my hometown and needed a ride. And I enjoyed the conversations that we had. It made the traffic less aggravating.


And annoying as it was, I was thankful that I was not in one of the vehicles that had been in an accident that caused the traffic.


I took a walk in the woods


The day after I arrived home, my family and I decided to go hiking with our Golden Retriever, since it was unseasonably warm.


My dog Deedee and I


It was really nice to just get out of the house and so some exploring.


Crossing a creek
Crossing a creek




We eventually arrived at a waterfall that was really pretty.




It started to cloud up as we headed back to the cars and it got really windy. It was really cool the way the wind blew the leaves around.




It started to rain soon after but luckily, we were already headed home.


In other news…


I’m still watching Vampire Knight and I’m almost done with it. I also started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, after a friend of mine cosplayed one of the characters. I’m only 6 episodes in but I really like it so far and I can see that it’s going to be one of my favorites.


The U.S. Election…

Before I go, I wanted to talk briefly about the U.S. election and my stance on it. If you’re wondering, I didn’t vote for Trump. My state also didn’t put their electoral college votes toward Trump. And yet he still won and now hate crimes involving racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and misogyny are all on the rise as a result. I did everything in my power to stop such a thing from happening but unfortunately, it was not enough. But I will not change my beliefs based on those of my future President and Vice-President. I will not stoop so low to hate on those who did nothing to deserve it.


The results of the election do not change my beliefs as person or the things that I value.


If you’re outside the U.S., please don’t let the results of the election change your view on us, because I promise that not all of us see things the way that Trump does.


Anyway, that’s all for now. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and to those who don’t, have a great week! ?

Cassidy Currently: 4th edition


Hello! It’s been awhile and I am terribly sorry for my lack of posting. I’ve been really busy with school and work and extra-curricular activities. So I’ll do my best to catch you up on all the happenings of my life.


I’ve been sick


For the past week, I’ve been sick. I’m not as sick now as I have been but it was really tough trying to get through my week. I had to work for 8 hours last Sunday and then I had to deal with 4 classes on Monday when all I wanted to do was sleep. And I refused to let my life stop as a result of being sick.




My fellow students at school and I jokingly call our being sick the “Radford Plague” (after the name of my school). It’s mellow-dramatic but fits our frustration at not being up to 100%.


I went home


In a spur of the moment decision brought on by having to be at work at 6 a.m. on a Thursday a few weeks ago, I made the decision to go home that following weekend.


While there, my family and I went hiking and we got a spectacular view of the summit.




We were glad that it was no longer sticky hot outside and that it was cool enough to enjoy the outdoors.






I’ve had tests


I had two the week before last in Accounting and Business Calculus (still wondering why I have to take those classes). I did well in both of them, despite studying only the day before each one.


And then this past week, I had one in Microeconomics (again wondering why I have to take it). I’m still waiting on the results from that one, but I think I did ok.


I have two more this week in my information technology classes. I’m not really worried about my Web Programming exam because it will only encompass basic HTML and CSS (which I’m already well familiar with). I am worried about my Java class because I’ve always struggled with the language. But I think with diligent studying, I’ll be ok.


I find that I’ve been running out steam, though when it comes to school. I’ve been running out of motivation to get my assignments done or put in any effort. But then I remember some prose poetry from one of my favorite poets:


“Promise you will not spend so much time treading water and staying above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim. “

Tyler Knott Gregson


To me this means not spend so much time trying to get my assignments done and getting decent grades that I forget how much I’ve always loved to learn and understand new things. Especially in Information Technology.


I saw a movie


Last night I decided to get see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I read the book over the summer and I was really excited when I heard that a local movie theater was shoving it for an inexpensive price.




Before any of you outside the U.S. starting bombarding me with questions, not all movie tickets are priced this low (unfortunately). There are a select few independent theaters that show current movies at discounted prices compared to major theaters. I’m lucky enough that my school happens to be near one of them. And so I’ve been able to see plenty of movies without paying outrageous prices.


One of the things I’ve learned from being on my own is that sometimes, you have to make your own rainbow. Meaning that sometimes it’s useless to rely on other people to make you happy and bring you good things when you could easily make good things happen yourself.


That’s all I have for you for now. I hope everyone has been doing well!



Cassidy Currently: 3rd Edition


So my first week of classes is done and a lot has gone on throughout the week. I’ve been trying to get used to a new schedule and a new routine and it’s been a little hard to kind of get my act together. Here’s what I’ve been up to:



My classes are good (mostly). I really like my Web Programming class. I feel a lot like Hermione when it comes to answering questions and knowing the answers and wanting to prove my coding knowledge. And as I suspected, it’s been fun showing off. :p




My hardest class for this semester will be my other I.T. class which involves working with the programming language Java. By the end of the semester (December), I’ll have to have the skill set to build a game, which is really intimidating. 8l  Hopefully, if I just keep up and ask questions, I’ll get to that point. But still…


All of my other classes will vary in difficulty.


Tech Stuff

Although I’ve only been in classes for a week, my Web Programming class has made me realize that while my coding is good, I think my concept of design could use a little work. So I’m looking forward to honing my skills throughout the semester.


I would like to come up with a new theme for this site, but with my classes, work, and extracurricular activities, I don’t know where I’ll find the time. So I’ll probably have to wait and code the basic layout during Thanksgiving break (which spans a week in November and overlaps with Thanksgiving). Then, change it over to a theme during winter break (which spans from Mid-December to Mid-January). The good thing is, my professor will be going over some php concepts using WordPress, so hopefully I’ll get a thing or two out of that.



I’ve decided to try and find a new job. There’s nothing particularly wrong with my current job, it’s just that being a third year student, I want to gain some on-the-job experience in I.T., especially since I’ll be looking for internship. If I can get an edge, that would be great.


I’ve applied to the Help Desk on campus and also an internship that would be flexible with school (I’d just have to do a little commuting), I hope to hear from one of them soon. It’s no big deal if they don’t work out but it would be really cool if one of these jobs did work out.


All and all, things are good are I’m looking forward to this semester.






Back at the Home of the Highlanders

So I made it back to college on Wednesday. It’s honestly been really weird being able to decide what I do with my time. I worked yesterday and have had today off and I haven’t had any idea what to do. I guess that will be easier when classes start.


Anyway, when I went to the grocery store on Wednesday, the clerk who was checking me out showed me something interesting. It was a dollar bill. But it wasn’t one that could be used as valid currency. Instead of having Lincoln or Jackson or any of the figures that tend to show up on American money, it was the current president dressed in traditional Muslim clothing.


I started laughing in disbelief. And we talked about how offensive the “dollar” was. Especially since our president doesn’t even practice that religion. But when you have a presidential candidate who is alleging that our current president is the leader of a terrorist group, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. And I’m ashamed to say that.


I really hate that people are still judging others based on race or religion. I’ve never done this because people are people and I’d much rather judge them by their character than by their background. It just bothers me that people think it’s acceptable.


Anyway, enough said on that subject.


When I got to the apartment that I share with my roommate, I made the discovery that our internet was not reconnecting, despite the order we put in to get it turned back on. So after relaxing after a long drive and unpacking, I decided to take a walk on campus.


And that’s when I started playing Pokemon Go. My school has quite a few pokestops and some of the classroom buildings are gyms (which will really help with student productivity :hehe: ). All in all, I caught quite a few pokemon, including 3 clefairies, an eevee, and a growlithe. Plus, I ran into one of my fraternity brothers while I was out and about.


Unfortunately, I had to deal with my first night back without internet. Luckily, I have a few books here and I was even able to watch the only DVD I own (Divergent).


When I went back to work yesterday, everything went smoothly and I was glad to see my co-workers again. Plus I got a free meal from working.


Anyway, that’s all for now. TTFN.