Just a Thought

Little Roadtrips

So I’ve been really busy for the past couple of weeks. Last week was especially hard because I was working around 5 hours each day and I had worry about my school assignments. And I was totally exhausted at the end of each day. ?   One way that I like to cope to with

The Closet Hobby

A lot of people have one or two hobbies that they keep kind of secret or just prefer not to talk about with their friends. Here’s mine. If you were to walk up to me on the street, you might not guess that I’m a huge fan of anime/manga. Sure, otakus come in all shapes

Stop and Smell the Roses

So today, I went kayaking with my family. I had fun spending time with them and all of us enjoyed the weather that we experience while out on the water. While I was on the river, I heard the distinctive call of an eagle (I’m sort of a bird enthusiast 😉 ). I looked up

Postcards from Far Away…

Song of the Moment: Postcards from Far Away by Coldplay So I chose this particular song as a the tile for this post because this song has been on my mind since right before I left to go on vacation. It’s not one of their well known songs and it doesn’t have any lyrics. It’s