Cassidy Currently: 8th Edition

Hey everyone! Things have been busy for me lately. Luckily, this week I have a bit of a break because of Spring Break. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Halfway through the Semester

I can hardly believe how fast the Spring Semester has gone. Last week marked week 7 and halfway through a 14 week stretch of classes. So far I’m off to a good start in all of my classes (some better than others) and although it’s been hard working two jobs, I’ve kept my grades on the good side. I did have to tell one of my jobs not schedule me as much because although the extra money is great, it was starting to affect the amount of time I had to get my assignments done. Hopefully I can pick up the effort a bit for the remainder of the semester.

A few minor lifestyle changes

I’ve been making an effort to make a few minor changes to what I eat and how I live my life. When I was at CAPWIC, I found myself going immediately for the sugary, caffeine rich sodas because I needed the energy to keep me going and I was having a hard time finding something I can eat. But after a weekend of putting that stuff in my body, I decided to rethink my decisions a bit.

So I’ve decided to limit my intake of sugary caffeinated drinks, mainly because with every sip, I could feel the enamel waring away from my teeth. Plus there’s all kinds of artificial ingredients and I really don’t want to have any caffeine unless I’m trying to study or something of that nature. So far, I’ve been very successful with this.

Of course, my exception to this is Sprite or Sierra Mist because, well, I love how refreshing lemon-lime soda is and it’s caffeine free.

My second change comes from the amount of time I spend with my electronics. Being an I.T. major, I spend a lot of time on the computer and in the presence of artificial light. So I decided that before I go to bed, I would not spend those last minutes of wakefulness being on my phone but instead reading a book. It helps because I don’t have to deal with the artificial light and I really don’t want my last thing that I see from the day to be my Facebook newsfeed.

Sometimes my books will be poetry, like the works of Tyler Knott Gregson or Lang Leav or Shakespeare. Other times, it’ll be my guidebooks on the Appalachian Trail or even some reading from my textbooks. It’s really helpful for someone who has a hard time falling asleep.

I haven’t been as diligent on this lately but I will pick it back up as I go to bed tonight.

Reconnecting with Old Friends

My friends have inspired me to try and take initiative when it comes to meeting new people or talking with them.

For awhile, I’ve been thinking about an old friend that I first met in middle school. In fact it was someone who initially hurt my feelings back then. We became friends and he admitted to his faults when we were juniors in high school and we kept in touch for awhile after I moved away. Then we drifted apart. So this past Thursday, I decided to shoot him a message.

I was really nervous about it and I freaked out to bunch of my friends as I waited for him to respond. Luckily I had nothing to worry about and we started talking about our lives and what we’ve been up to lately. I told him about my major and about my second family (Alpha Phi Omega); he told me about how he’d become a Marine and how he was looking forward to deploying next year.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in college is that you need to take initiative if you want things to happen. You can’t just wait around and wait for things to fall into place.

Also, as I’ve mentioned on Twitter, sometimes you’ve gotta stop waiting for someone to come back to you and go back to them.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Love you guys.