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Cassidy Currently: 7th Edition

I haven’t done one of these in a while and so I’ve decided to go ahead and do my first one of 2017. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Prepping for the Spring Semester

My winter break is winding down and I’ll be heading back to school the day after tomorrow (Sunday). Classes don’t start until Tuesday but I’d rather get the 4 hour drive over with so that way I’ll have some free time to catch up with my friends, making sure my Mac is able to connect to the university WiFi, etc.

I’ve really enjoyed being at home and all but I haven’t had much to do and it’s been driving me nuts. I’ll be really glad to finally get on a fixed schedule again.

I’m not looking forward to having an 8 am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (especially with it being winter). I guess I’ll have to start back with developing a taste for coffee again. ☕️

I don’t know how it is for universities that aren’t in the United States but for most of the schools I know, we have a site extension (usually developed by a third-party) where we can access material for our classes, turn in assignments, see our grades, etc. I’ve been checking the site every day this week to see if my Spring Semester classes will come up so that way I can try to get a feel for my classes. That and one of them is online so I’d love to be able to do some work for it.

CAPWiC Plans

I’m involved with a couple of organizations at my school, one which is the Women in Computing club. My friend (and the club President) got me into it last semester since she knew I was an I.T. major and we’re both in the same fraternity. It’s been really cool to branch out and get to know more girls in similar majors and it’s really given me a sense of community as far as being part of the I.T. Department.

Well, before we left for break, my friend brought it to the club’s attention about an upcoming conference in February called CAPWiC. It’s a conference that happens each year that brings together all the women and girls in computing from around Virginia and Maryland. This year, it’s meeting in Washington, D.C. and after thinking it over, I’ve decided to go!

This will be my first time going to a computing conference and I’m very excited to meet other people and go to workshops and make connections.

Learning Sass/SCSS

It’s not secret that I want to learn as much about web development as possible, and after looking through job listings, I found that a lot of employers (at least in the U.S.) prefer that web developers have skills involving Sass/SCSS. So of course, I decided to watch some tutorials and learn about it.

And after spending some time coding with it, I really like it. I find it makes CSS a lot easier to deal with and saves a lot aggravation. I don’t like that it requires a compiler but a lot of good IDE’s (WebStorm, etc.) have one built in.

I’ll definitely use it for future CSS endeavors.

Effective Time Wasting

So what I have been doing with all of the free time, besides learning new coding languages? Well I’ve been Redditing, watching anime, etc.

I recently discovered how awesome Reddit is. It’s really cool how you can chime in with your opinion and have no one know who you are (except for a user name). I’ve mainly been lurking on Ask Reddit but I’m branching out to other sections as well.

As for anime, lately I’ve been watching Naruto and Death Note, both of which I’ve started and stopped over the past six months. Naruto has been better for days when I’ve head enough of the gloominess that comes with Death Note.


Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I hope you guys had a good week!


  • Rezina

    Is Naruto still ongoing? Or is it finished? I stopped watching the series such a long time ago, aha. I did finish the manga though which made me kind of sad because I felt like I closed a chapter of my childhood. And is this your first time watching Death Note? If you just started watching anime, I have a couple I can recommend!

    I also wanted to try and learn Sass/SCSS after seeing it for the first time in one of the WordPress themes I was using and being absolutely confused as it what it was. But I still haven’t gotten around to it. I feel like its become harder to learn new coding languages as I get older :/ Not that I’m “old”…

    Also that’s really exciting you’ll be going to your first computing conference and that you’re involved in organizations at school. I feel like that’s a great way to meet people with the same interests as you and also a great opportunity to learn from other people.

    • Cassidy

      I’m almost certain it’s finished. I think it finished up either last year or the year before. And yeah, this is my first time watching Death Note, I’m almost done with the series and it’s really good! I’ve been watching anime for about a year or two but I’m still getting through some of the “known” ones. I’d love to hear your recommendations!

  • Tammy

    A fellow Naruto watcher! Yay, I am happy!

    Naruto the anime is technically almost finished, except the last chapter of the manga has not be aired in animation yet. What is airing right now are the kind-of-canon from light novel translations approved by Kishimoto. A little spoiler but the current episodes aired are after the “Great War”.

    But Naruto the story is technically done. Though I heard that a Hollywood adaptation is on the works, and that the animation studios are going to also do “Boruto”.

    On Spring semester: Good luck on your Spring semester. I reenrolled in a community college after University so I’m kind of back to school, too but I want to learn more skills so I am doing an AS. While I do not have an 8AM class, I do have a class that is once a week and very long and starts from 5PM and ends at 10 PM. Not sure how to feel aboout that but I like to take that class and that’s the only sched available.

    I have heard of SASS, but it kind of confuses me still

  • Amy

    Good luck going back to university. I always used to try to get ahead before classes started, but somehow I’d still end up rushing to get work finished the night before! Hope you get a good head start on all your work and have a good semester.

    Hope you have fun at the computing conference! That sounds like it’ll be a great opportunity to meet new people and learn something new.

    How far are you with Naruto? Have you watched it before? It’s my favourite anime ever, and your post has made me want to watch it again. Sakura’s forehead jokes in the first season are my fave. And I love how moody Sasuke is!

    I’ve not watched Death Note yet, but I’ve read the manga. It’s on Netflix though, so I might have to give it a go!

  • Tara

    Ahhh, reading about your university plans and such make me miss my own school days. 8:00am sounds so early for a class, though. I’ve had to deal with a lot of 9 to 4 classes on Saturday or Sundays (they were once a week), and those were the earliest I’ve ever had clases. A lot of my other classes were in the evening. Then there are all the classes I took online . . . with those I never had to wake up early, so that was a good thing, haha!

    Enjoy going to the conference! That sounds like super fun and exciting. 😀 I should have done more of these kind of stuff as a student, but my options were super limited here. If I had the options now, I’d definitely check some of them out!

    It’s good you’ve been trying out new coding languages. I’ve not touched any new coding languages since 2006 or whatever . . . I’m sure I’ll be very overwhelmed if I do XD;;

    I have Death Note the manga and anime — but I’ve yet to read or watch them. Argh! I should finally do that . . . I just can’t remember where I put the mangas. Eek!

  • Pauline

    I really miss being a student (I go back next year) but it was always fun starting a new semester and gearing up for it! 😀 I found it very motivating at the start when I found all the content online ready for me to prep from. 😛

    WOO! Great job in getting involved with that club. It’s always refreshing for me to meet girls in real life who get involved with tech. I love the sense of community I get from it too! I hope you enjoy it! 😀

    I’ve been trying to learn new web development languages too. I tried SASS before and I liked it! It does make everything a lot easier. It’s great you’re taking time to learn it though because it does take time which puts people off.

    I loved Death Note when I watched it! One of my faves!!

  • Georgie

    I like the idea of (well, in a situation like yours, anyway) going to campus early and getting prepared for the week ahead. I often found myself bored too when I was studying, because the breaks were longer than they were in secondary school. Now, being just someone doing full-time work, I crave a bit of a holiday. LOL.

    8am does sound like a bit of a feat, though, and I’m sure you can get used to it! ?

    I’m excited for you to attend the conference as well – make sure you take a lot of notes! I have only been to a few conferences but they can be super valuable.

    Sass is a preprocessor so you pretty much have to use a compiler anyway. ? It makes work a lot easier especially when working on large projects, but I’ve actually moved onto using vanilla CSS for much smaller projects haha. ? It all depends on your needs but Sass is definitely one of the most popular preprocessors out there. I’ll give you a quick tip though, avoid using the ampersand (&) to nest your CSS because it can make things hard to search for. 😉

  • Kya

    I hope everything goes really well with your classes again. It would hard having early ones, but I am sure that you will get used to it! I am an online student and we use Blackboard to communicate, submit assignments and access course work. I am not sure how it is for Australian uni students that do attend actual lasses.

    That sounds like such an awesome organisation to be part of! I am sure that going to the computing conference will be so rewarding and you will meet a lot of interesting people! 😀

    I have heard a lot about Sass/SCSS, but haven’t really taken the time to learn it. It does seem like it is becoming a bigger preference these days. It’s great you took the initiative to learn it. Did you find it difficult, or is it one of those things that the idea seems scarier than how it actually works?

  • Nancy

    Hope you’re settled back at school by now! 8am classes aren’t fun but hang on in there! The early bird gets the worm ;). My professors tend to procrastinate when it comes to uploading stuff on to BlackBoard @____@.

    It’s neat that you’re involved in clubs! It’s good to get involved in as many activities as possible. There’s no point in “just being a member”. It’s better to add value by doing something :). Hope you’ll have fun in the computing conference!

    Good luck with learning Sass/Scss! I like the direction Naurto is going these days. I was getting tired of the fillers from a few years back :’).

  • Ongaku

    That sounds like a cool conference. It sort of reminded me of the AITPA (uh maybe) I haven’t been in college for a while so I’m guessing. It was like an I.T. club but for all ages to get connections and so on so forth. They had a special section for college students and they had us go to another state to compete with other students on our I.T. skills, it was fun.

    Good Luck with your return back to school!