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Cassidy Currently: 6th Edition


I’m very sorry that I’ve been negligent with posting lately. But unfortunately, I had to worry about finals and other project deadlines that were fast approaching. Here’s what my life has been like lately.


I Finished the Fall Semester!


I’m definitely relieved that the semester is finally over. And while I’m glad that I’ve grown stronger from the challenges I faced, it’ll be nice to have a month long break where I don’t have to worry about much. I’m still waiting on my final grades for my classes but I think I’ll be ok.


Being done with finals didn’t go without some celebration. I did some drinking and hung out with my friends, which was awesome.


I Drove Home Solo


With the fall semester over with, Radford tends to turn into a ghost town during breaks. And with Christmas and New Years coming up, it was only necessary to drive the four hours home.


I really enjoy doing the trip solo because it gives me time to think and reflect and catch my breath. I love hanging with my friends and all but sometimes it gets stressful to be around them. So I really savor the long drive where there’s nothing but me, the radio, and the interstate.


This time, I didn’t run into much traffic, which was a huge relief. ? Though a tractor trailer did almost run me off the road and I had to beep my horn to let him know that I was there and not keen about getting into an accident. ?


I Saw My Friend’s Band Play at the Local Coffee Shop


This past Saturday, I decided to drag my roommate out the local coffee shop for their monthly Open Mic Night. This month, I was especially excited to go because of the Christmas festivities.


While we were there, I ran into my friend who’s band was signed up to play. I was excited because I had seen pictures of him and his band on Facebook and I was curious about what their is like.


They ended up playing a couple of alternative rock songs with friend playing the bass guitar. Their song was interesting because they asked the audience for two words that they could use to make up a song on the spot. Those two words ended up being “steroids” and “papayas” and the resulting song was interesting to say the least.



I Started Learning Ruby


I had always been curious about the programming language, especially after reading that it was used in aspects of Web Development. And after Nancy suggested that I learn it to get ahead, I decided to start. And I am loving it so far.


I found this really cool site called The New Boston that I was initially referred to by my professor in order to get help with building my game. And when I looked there, I found that are tutorials for basically every aspect in computer science, from different programming languages to app development and networking and everything in between. So I decided to go to their tutorial from Ruby and I’ve been following it in my spare time.


If you’re wanting to try and expand your knowledge on web development or anything else computer science related, I definitely suggest visiting the site and watching the tutorials.


I Started on a new Theme for Catastrophe Rising


While I’m really proud of the this theme because it was first one 6 years, I think it’s definitely time for a change. So while I was at school, I constructed the header images that I’ll be using in the new theme (keep an eye out on twitter for a sneak peek!). I haven’t started the coding yet but I plan on doing so very soon.



That’s all I have for now. Let me know what you guys have been up to lately!




  • Rezina

    Wow! I’m so jealous you get a month long break. Do you have anything exciting planned?

    I’ve also been trying to learn new programming languages but haven’t diligently pursued this yet. I did hear about Ruby though. I’ve not heard about The New Boston so I’ll have to check out their site.

    Can’t wait to see your new theme!

    Also – I can’t remember if I’ve ever left a comment before… I think I have? But maybe not? Even though I visit regularly? So yeah. Hello!!

    • Cassidy

      Hi Rezina!
      If memory serves, I believe you have commented at least one other time. But thank you for being a regular visitor. ?

      I don’t have anything major planned. I was just going to hang with my family and enjoy being home with my dogs. I’ll visit friends here and there but that’s about it. ?

  • Tara

    When I was doing undergrad and grad school, I definitely neglected my blog because school took priority. So don’t feel like you have to apologise for that! 🙂 Enjoy that month long break! I miss having those breaks where I wouldn’t have work or school. Those were sanity savers.

    And oooh! I look forward to your new theme 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Pauline

    Well done on finishing the semester! I’m always on the edge of my seat by the time it’s the last week of the semester, I try and prioritise my work and hit those deadlines so it’s completely fine that you’ve gone off the radar in terms of blogging, it happens to everybody! 😛

    Ooo, I’m starting to learn Ruby too! As part of my ambassador role with an organisation called Code First Girls, I get to learn and teach bits of code to girls at University. Ruby is new to me so it’s been a fun little challenge.

    I’ve started making a new theme too! I am so excited to share it with everyone and I can’t wait to see yours 😀

  • Georgie

    Keen to see what you have for the new layout, I am sure you will be very proud of the end result nonetheless.

    I’m sorry about that driver, it’s pretty annoying and surprising when you’re driving and someone just forgets to look or is completely inconsiderate of other drivers and almost causes an accident. The good thing is, you reacted and you were aware that the other driver was there – that makes you a good driver.

    Your friend’s band sounds impressive, especially making up a song on the spot. Not many bands are good at improvising like that! I used to play musical instruments and I was in a band but there was no way I could be spontaneous or improvise. It’s something that musicians do that I really admire.

  • Nancy

    Congratulations on finishing the semester and driving home on your own! A lot of dumb drivers are out in the world… Hope you’ll continue being a safe driver. I love it when artists can freestyle using any random words they’re given. Good luck with learning Ruby!

    Looking forward to seeing your new layout :). I’m sure it’ll look great!

  • Amy

    I always neglected my blog when I was at uni. I used to have six month gaps between posts! At least you’ve finished the semester now. Congrats!

    It’s great that you’re learning Ruby. I keep saying that I want to learn more about website coding etc, but I can never stick to it. I think I got through one tutorial this year. Oops!

    Well done for driving home alone!