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Cassidy Currently: 3rd Edition


So my first week of classes is done and a lot has gone on throughout the week. I’ve been trying to get used to a new schedule and a new routine and it’s been a little hard to kind of get my act together. Here’s what I’ve been up to:



My classes are good (mostly). I really like my Web Programming class. I feel a lot like Hermione when it comes to answering questions and knowing the answers and wanting to prove my coding knowledge. And as I suspected, it’s been fun showing off. :p




My hardest class for this semester will be my other I.T. class which involves working with the programming language Java. By the end of the semester (December), I’ll have to have the skill set to build a game, which is really intimidating. 8l  Hopefully, if I just keep up and ask questions, I’ll get to that point. But still…


All of my other classes will vary in difficulty.


Tech Stuff

Although I’ve only been in classes for a week, my Web Programming class has made me realize that while my coding is good, I think my concept of design could use a little work. So I’m looking forward to honing my skills throughout the semester.


I would like to come up with a new theme for this site, but with my classes, work, and extracurricular activities, I don’t know where I’ll find the time. So I’ll probably have to wait and code the basic layout during Thanksgiving break (which spans a week in November and overlaps with Thanksgiving). Then, change it over to a theme during winter break (which spans from Mid-December to Mid-January). The good thing is, my professor will be going over some php concepts using WordPress, so hopefully I’ll get a thing or two out of that.



I’ve decided to try and find a new job. There’s nothing particularly wrong with my current job, it’s just that being a third year student, I want to gain some on-the-job experience in I.T., especially since I’ll be looking for internship. If I can get an edge, that would be great.


I’ve applied to the Help Desk on campus and also an internship that would be flexible with school (I’d just have to do a little commuting), I hope to hear from one of them soon. It’s no big deal if they don’t work out but it would be really cool if one of these jobs did work out.


All and all, things are good are I’m looking forward to this semester.







  • Pauline

    I always love showing off my coding skills whether I have the chance to at University whether that be in projects or in my current ambassador role in Girl coding. I like sharing it with people and letting people know that I can help out if they need me 😀

    I know what you mean with the design thing – I’m exactly the same! I can code things but I always find it hard and it takes me ages to design the whole layout so that it’s attractive. I’ve been thinking of making a new theme for my blog but again – stuck with ideas!

    Good luck with finding a job, it’s always difficult but once you get it, it feels great and rewarding for the future!

  • Michelle

    I know the feeling of being a Hermione in class XD I’ve done it a lot of times XD Especially classes I’ve done before and had to repeat because I failed for various reasons. So weird.

    I’m partly thinking about going back to work and not. It depends on just a lot of things.

  • Cristina

    I am glad that your coding knowledge helps you in school. you’ll see that little by little you’ll gain knowledge in other fields too and you’ll be like Hermione in those classes.

    Good luck with making a new theme. For me it’s not the actual theme/graphic who takes up a lot of time, it’s the concept. It takes forever to find my inspiration and thing about something good. I can’t wait to see the new design you’ll come up with.

    Finding a job that would help you with your IT experience will surely be great. I mean it’s one thing to learn stuff in school and another thing to apply what you learned. Good luck with the job and I think a little commuting won’t be a problem for you. It’s going to be worth it <3

  • Nancy

    Good luck with school! I had a lot of Hermione moments in my web dev class too ;). It’s good that you know all of the basics in web programming. That way, the class should be easy for you! With enough studying, you should do well in java. Definitely ask questions when you feel the need to. The concept of design is always the challenging part compared to the coding mechanics. Good luck with finding a job in the field! Help desk is always a good start :).