Cassidy Currently: 2nd Edition

So I just got back from eating dinner with some of my extended family. It was our last get-together before my cousins, my brother, and I will start back at school or life, etc. It’s something we try to do every year and I’m glad I was able to do it this year.


Speaking of school, I’ve decided to go back Wednesday instead of Sunday. When I emailed my bosses to touch base with them, they said they had plenty of work. So I’ll go back to my college town Wednesday, and work until classes start on the 29th. I’m glad that I’ll be able to get the extra work, especially since classes aren’t in session. So I plan to take full advantage of my time.


I’m really excited to go back though. I’m excited to be a more productive human being again and actually do useful things and learn more about computers and things. It’ll be great.


I did find out that one of classes (Web Programming 1) has more males than females. The class isn’t very big, of course, but it does prove the point that the I.T. field is more male dominated (at least in the U.S.). Oh well, I think I’ll be OK because we’ll be starting with the basics of HTML (which I already know) and that will (hopefully) be my chance to stand out a little bit. đŸ˜‰


Besides the family dinner, today was also nice because we got to hang with some of members of my step-brother’s family.We were able to hang out at the mall and do a little window shopping and drink milkshakes, etc. It was great to get out and see them one last time before I leave.


Tomorrow will be interesting. I have a lot of packing I need to do. Nothing major, since a lot of my stuff is already at my apartment in my college town. So it’ll be mostly clothes, odds and ends, and a nightstand to replace my current one (a plastic storage box).


Anyway, I promise my life will get more exciting once I bet back to school. TTFN.