Cassidy Currently: 1st Edition

I’ve seen other bloggers name their blog posts on simple life updates something with alliteration. So I went back and forth in mind, trying to think of something catch-y to call segments like this. And I ended up coming with currently. Not only does it have the alliteration but also the consonance. 😉
Right now I’m sitting on the back deck of my parents’ house. It has a roof and metal mesh sides so I don’t I have to worry about unwanted bugs or critters disrupting me while I type this. Deedee is laying on the oriental rug that covers some of the deck. Ellie is sitting right next to my swing and stalking the backyard. I’m listening to the news on the radio we keep out here as well as the occasional chirp of a cardinal.
My throat is a little sore. Hopefully it’s just from allergies and not the sign of an oncoming cold. I don’t feel like getting sick right now.
I’ll be going out of town this weekend. Nothing major, we’re just going to visit some family for a few days. But it will be nice to get out of here for a bit. I haven’t spent the night away from home in more than a month (when I volunteered in West Virginia). So it’ll be real nice.
I’m also excited because I’ll be babysitting a couple days next week which will be great. I definitely need the money.
Not only that but it looks like I’ll have plenty of work in a couple weeks when I go back to my college town. I saw a ton of events that have already been scheduled for move-in week, which means plenty of working hours for me.
I’m loving the weather right now. Although it’s cloudy, there’s hardly any humidity and the temperature is at a cool 81°F (27°C). I hope it lasts but the news is saying that after this, it’ll go back to being hot and muggy again. So I’m spending as much time out here as I can.
Anyway, I think that’s all for now. TTFN


  • Jamie

    I really like the name Cassidy Currently. I wish I could think of a name for myself. Jamie something. IF you can think of something, please let me know.

    Hmm, I’m having the same problem with the sore throat issue. It’s definitely allergies and not a common cold. However, my tonsils have been inflamed as well so that might mean they will have to come out. My past doctor did tell me that if they were to swell up one more time, they will have to come out. :/ .

    I’m glad you’re able to work more this week. That’s great news!

  • Pauline

    I like the new segment. 🙂 I have a similar one I like to call Life Updated: but I do wish I could think of something that rings with my name xD

    I know how it feels about getting to escape the weekend away! I have lived in my town all my life and decided to stay here for university too so when I do get that opportunity, I grab it! Have lots of fun 🙂

  • Georgie

    It was hard for me to personally come up with the Georgie Gazette, because I really wanted to name it something else that didn’t actually sound like it was a life update kind of thing. My friend told me to settle for something that actually sounded like it related to life updates. The alliteration is a good way to go. 😉

    It sucks being sick, I mean, no one would want to be sick, so it makes sense that you hope you’re not coming down with something. Usually when I get a sore throat I get really angry inside… because that means I am getting a cold. 🙁 I still haven’t 100% recovered from mine from last week!

    Good luck babysitting, it’s good you have a small source of income for the time being. 🙂