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I’m sorry that I’ve been scarce on here lately. I’ve been having trouble balancing my two jobs, school, and extra-curricular activities and my blog has suffered as a result. I’ll try to be better at updating from now on.

Anyway, If you’ve kept up with me on twitter, you’ll know that I had the opportunity to spend the weekend at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. for CAPWIC 2017 which is conference that caters to women in computing from the high school level to the professional level.

One of the cemeteries on the campus

Day 1

I woke up at 6 am with the intention of leaving at around 7:30. I left myself that amount of time because I was driving two of my friends up as well. Although we got a bit of a later start (and the drive was over 4 hours), we made it in into Georgetown just in time. As we emerged from the dark parking garage, we were totally awed at our surroundings. Not only was the campus beautiful but it was also warm (around 75°F or 24°C) and I was surprised to find that a couple of trees on the campus had bloomed, despite the fact that it’s late February and it’s supposed to be freezing.

One of the first views we saw as we exited the parking garage

After the initial keynote, we had a snack (where I found out that coconut isn’t as evil as I thought it was) and proceeded to some talks.

The first talk was about resume and I got some helpful tips (and later implemented them). The second talk was done by some representatives at APT who gave us some tips on technical interviews and even walked through one with us. I definitely feel better prepared for that aspect of getting a job.

The third talk was about juggling work life and maintaining your sanity. I really liked this one because the women was someone who highly involved in the political aspect of Computer and Information Science, having worked with Obama Administration and (to her dismay) the Trump Administration. She reminded us that we don’t have to be Superwomen and do everything.

After that there was the career fair where I met some great recruiters from different companies. When they mentioned web development, I freaked out a bit and I told them about my experience and that I was looking for an internship. Although I got a lot of free stuff from the companies, my most valuable items are the business cards because those are the keys to contacting the recruiters for follow ups and further information.

When we had our fill of the career fair, my companions and I went outside and enjoyed the afternoon. We marveled at the scenery and architecture of the campus. I couldn’t have been more grateful to be there.

One of the classroom buildings


Me…it was late afternoon and I was exhausted

Soon it was time for dinner where I had a little something but I ended up ordering pizza to the hotel we stayed at.

Speaking of which, the hotel we stayed was really nice. I remember feeling extremely out of place was pulled my little Nissan up to the main entrance and behind a nice expensive car. But it was all good. I checked in and sent my companions up ahead of me while I parked my car.

We spent the remainder of the evening working on homework, talking, and listening to homework. I crashed at around midnight but my friends crashed later than that.

My iPhone doesn’t do this view justice but looking across the Potomac and into Arlington

Day 2

After waking up a full hour before my friends, we caught an Uber back to Georgetown. One of my friends was doing a flash talk so I attended the event in order to show my support. She did hers on firewalls and security and I really enjoyed it. Some other talks included data exploration, artificial intelligence, and other topics.

After that, we proceed to lunch and we were given the opportunity to relax for a bit. After that, my companions and I split up as I wanted to listen to a presentation on how to get involved in undergrad research. I then proceed to attend a workshop on Git/Git hub which was very informative.

After that, we attended a short closing ceremony before wrapping up our little adventure and heading home.



I really enjoyed the experience! I got to meet a bunch of different people and learn a bunch of different things. It was also really cool that I had my friends with to share the experience. I will definitely try and attend the conference next year.

Also, I saw DC in a new light. Growing up, I’ve always lived near the city and most of my grade school field trips involved visiting the city. But I think this trip made me see it like someone without that background.

Until next time, stay awesome.



  • Pauline

    This sounds like such a fun experience. I recently went to a Women in Tech conference (as you’ve read on my blog) and it seems like there were similar things convered at CAPWIC. Attending these events are so important and insightful, definitley encourage to go to more of them!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Git/GitHub workshop. It’s always super fun learning Git because I can still never get it right haha. XD

    Glad you had fun!

  • Nancy

    There’s no need to apologize! Life comes first and blogging comes after ;). Glad to hear that you took part of the conference! The campus looks amazing, though I’m not sure how to feel about the cemetery on it. It’s great that you got a lot of insight from the workshops/talks. Freebies from career fairs are awesome! I still have a bunch of notepads from the ones I went to. It is good to collect business cards. If you have a LinkedIn account, make sure to connect with them as well :). I’m definitely digging your FireEye lanyard.

    Don’t worry about expensive cars on campus. There were a lot of high-end cars at my school and I took it as a grain of salt (earning a nice one yourself is better). Glad you learned a lot from this event!

  • Rezina

    You sound really busy! I wouldn’t stress too much at not being able to blog often. Everyone has their own blog pace, and it’s okay to only do it occasionally if real life gets in the way!

    Wow. That’s really interesting that there is a cemetery on campus! I wonder what the history behind that is?

    And that’s awesome you got to attend a conference about tech. Sounds like you had an awesome & productive time! The weather looks really nice too, haha.

  • Georgie

    I am glad you attended this event and learned a lot! Also, kudos for supporting your friend. ?

    I am not surprised you felt out of place near that expensive car… I would too, haha. And it’s cool that this was a multi-day event too. I am sure you learned a lot about Git from the workshop – many companies in the industry use Git, so definitely very valuable skills.

    I don’t live near the city, but I travel to it every day for work. I think I’ll definitely have a different view about it when I move closer to the city and get to spend more time there easily.

    Good luck in your classes 🙂 I caught up reading your posts and I hope you’re not stressing too much about school – you’ll do well!

  • Amy

    The conference sounds great. It’s definitely valuable to learn more about possible future careers. We did a lot of preparation at university, and without that I don’t think I would have known what I wanted to do. The talks you went to sound great!

    Good luck keeping up with the blog. I know I always find it difficult!

  • Michelle

    That conference sounds so interesting! I love meeting new people and that seems like a good place to and the subject matter is cool, too.

  • Cat

    Wow, sounds like you have a lot going! That’s awesome that you went to a conference for women in computing. I went to one a couple years ago (the Grace Hopper one) and thought it was really inspiring to see so many women both in industry and school together.

    The talks you went to sound both interesting and useful! That’s great that you were already able to apply the tips to your resume. I’m glad you had a good experience there!

  • Sakura

    Oh! I never knew US has Legoland too. Wow, that’s cool. Which one is the nearest to you?

    CAPWIC 2017 looks pretty cool. We don’t have such events (at least not to my knowledge) that caters to high school level to professional level for computing. It’s a great initiative and can help to entice more high school students to join the IT sector too.

  • Tara

    Girl, don’t apologise for being scarce. As someone who worked and schooled before, my blog took a back seat, and it’s okay because school+work was a priority! So do what you need to do and blog when you can! A lot of us will understand 🙂

    Georgetown looks lovely! I never been, but I am liking their buildings XD

    Looks like those are some interesting talks. Getting resume and interview tips. They will definitely come in handy. The third talk also sounds like something I need, haha! Though I think I juggle things pretty well.

    I am glad you had a good experience meeting new people and learning about new things. Even better that you went with friends 🙂 You should definitely try and return next year, or try and find other conferences, too ^^