August is here…

So it is finally August! *happy dance* :grsm:
In 3 weeks, I’ll be headed back to my college town to prep for the fall semester and I can hardly wait. Classes don’t actually start until the 29 but I’m going back a week early so that I can provide some much needed man power to my school’s catering department.
This summer has been nice but I haven’t done much. I failed at finding a job for the summer so I’ve been stuck at home mostly. And you can probably guess the amount of sanity that comes with it.
I feel like my life has been on pause since May (when summer started for me) and I haven’t really accomplished anything worthwhile.
Ok, so I did start a blog, put it on a domain, and then built a theme for it. But that’s not exactly helping me overall.
I’m hoping to work on my skills in the next 9 months or so in order to land an internship next summer. I definitely want to have some experience in the I.T. field so that it won’t be hard to find a job when a graduate.
But I haven’t been doing much of anything beneficial to myself or anyone around me and that will definitely chance once classes start.
And it won’t be long before the leaves change and the sweltering heat will be gone. I’m excited to wear some of my fall stuff again.
Anyway I’ve started watching Sailor Moon. Despite it being corny in places, it’s really cute. So of course I will continue watching.
That’s all for now. Sorry for a boring post.