My name is Cassidy (you may also call me Cass or Cassie). I’m in my 20’s and I live in Northern Virginia (about 40 miles from Washington D.C). That is, when I’m not studying at University. I’m in my fourth and final year and I’m currently majoring in Information Science and Systems with a concentration in Web Development. I’m also pursuing a certificate in Cyber Security.

Up until 2013, it was just my dad, my brother (3 years younger) and I. But 5 years ago, we added my step-mom and step-brother (10 years younger).

A Few Things About Me

  • I love anime, and some of my favorites are RWBYGrimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Soul Eater, Sailor Moon, and Mobile Fighter G Gundam
  • I started coding when I was 13
  • I’m an introvert but I tend to get more outgoing once I’m comfortable in the situation
  • I’m a picky eater
  • I’m in a co-ed service Fraternity (not a cookie cutter sorority).
  • I’m a huge bookworm. I’m still stuck in the Young Adult novel phase but I also enjoy poetry and some of the classics.
  • I’m outdoorsy. I love hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping
  • I tend to name my inanimate objects; my computer is named Myrtenaster and my bike is named Mercury, my car’s name is Cameo.
  • Because I grew up in a house full of boys, I’ve taken a liking to sports
  • I’m a huge Coldplay fan (you’ll find their lyrics in many of the themes I make) but I also like the Kings of Leon, Incubus, the Foo Fighters, and Linkin Park

The Name

Catastrophe is a nickname that my dad and brother call me sometimes. I tacked “rising” onto the end because I feel like this blog is a testament of me growing into myself. And that despite my challenges, I always try and rise above my troubles. Also the name sort of reminds of my favorite book series, Maximum Ride.  Plus, it sounds really cool in my opinion.

Website History

I first started building websites when I was around 12-13 years old. After coming across a site called Warrior Cat Pics (which is a fan site for the Warriors series by Erin Hunter), I decided to make my own fan site called Endless Running first running on templates and then on my HTML layouts. After maybe 6 months of maintaining this site, I began to want more than just a fan site to call my own and Endless Running turned into more of a blog. Then, I was ready for a site with no affiliation to Warriors so I started a new blog called Field of Daydreams which was ran under a domain and was hosted by Georgie. I ran that site for around 8 months, eventually transitioning it to WordPress. Unfortunately, running a blog took its toll on my computer and I eventually decided to close it.

After about 6 years of limited activity, I started Catastrophe Rising in June 2016 on a wordpress subdomain. In July, I bought catastropherising.com and moved everything to my new domain.







My newest dog. She’s around 1 – 2 years old. We rescued her from a lab rescue.






She’s around 7 years old. We got her from someone who used her to breed Golden doodles.




My chocolate lab who passed in 2016 at 10 years old (prior to his 11th birthday). He was my 9th birthday present.


The current theme “Atlas” was made by me using Underscores

My domain is registered with Namecheap and hosted by OfBlue

My tools of the trade include my late-2016 model MacBook Pro, Eclipse as my IDE, as well as Safari’s Web Inspector and Koala (for compiling SCSS files).

And of course, you the reader for helping to keep this site alive.