21 Never Felt So Good

I turned 21 on Monday and for pretty much everyone in the U.S., 21 is the legal age that a person can drink and purchase alcohol. So that’s one of the first things I did.

My birthday celebrations started with me traveling to my college town so I could get some of the free things the local bars give away on a person’s 21st. Plus a couple of my close friends are still in the area so I wanted to celebrate with them.

Anyway, my celebrations officially began at 10:30 pm on Sunday with me going over to my friend’s apartment with my 2 dogs. Almost everyone in my circle of friends is a dog lover and so the apartment became crazy with activity when I brought them. My friends loved the dog cuddles and my dogs were relieved to get some attention.

Once everyone arrived, we lit the candles on a cake my friend Amanda made me as well as some cupcakes my other friends made. We then began consuming some jello-o shots that my friend Kelsie thoughtfully provided.

We then made our way to the first bar of the night. This is one directly across the street from campus and one that is well loved by the students of Radford. It was less than 10 minutes until midnight so they let me order my first drink. As we waited for our drinks to fill, I looked at the clock on my iPhone and watched as the seconds ticked to midnight, my friends counting down a long with me

My first legal drink was a whiskey and coke and while it was a little strong, I was able to finish it up. Unfortunately, we were only able to get one drink in before the bar tender did last call. So we moved on to another one of the local bars just down the street.

There, I order a blue motorcycle and it was delicious and refreshing and since we had a little bit of time before last call, I was able to talk and catch up with everyone.

Last call happened at around 1:30 and it wasn’t long after that before all of us dispersed for the night. I got back to my apartment at 2 and fell asleep at around 2:30.

I woke up at around 7 and got ready to do the 4 hour drive back to my house. The original plan was for my little brother to drive my dogs and I back up but I woke up with no signs of a hangover and lots of energy (which was surprising for having only got around 4 hours of sleep).

I made it back home later that day where I reunited with my family and relaxed for a bit before going out to Red Lobster and having a huge feast.

When we got back to the house, my family brought out my second cake and I opened presents. I got a wonderful bracelet from my step-brother, a $25 gift card to Starbucks from my brother, and note from my parents saying that they would be taking me shopping for a new outfit in the near future. My friend Amanda got me a cute tumbler cup and a gift card to Barnes & Noble.

But it’s not about the gifts I got. I’m just extremely happy that I got to spend my birthday with my precious friends and family and it meant a lot that they were able to celebrate with me.

This is the last milestone age I’ll have. After 21, I’m convinced that age is just a number and not something that is important anymore.

However, I feel like this age will have so many good things in store for me and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish at 21.

The cake my friend Amanda made for me


My friend Amanda and I


Low quality but the gang that helped me celebrate