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Month: April 2017

Month in Review: April

The view from the venue where my fraternity’s banquet was held

I’ll apologize again for being inconsistent with my blogging. But if you’re in college or if you’ve ever been in college, you’ll know that April is absolutely insane for students, and this April was no exception. I’ve nearly grown tired of my Spotify playlist from the countless hours I’ve had it on as background noise while I study.

Even though exam week technically doesn’t start until tomorrow, my exam week is in full swing, having just finished my 2nd exam. The first was for a gen ed class and the second was for an online software testing class. I’m insanely happy to have those two behind and I’ll be even more thrilled when I finish my last exam on Wednesday.

Cross-Country Road Trip

I’ve had this idea for a while now and I’m starting to get more serious about it. Having done some research and looked up some travel times, I’ve decided I’d like to do a road trip to California. It’s been a dream of mine to go there and see the sights and set my feet into the Pacific Ocean, which is the last major U.S. body of water that I want to see (except for maybe the Arctic Ocean in Alaska). After doing the math and some calculations, I found that I could easily reach Southern California in 4 days from my college town and there are plenty of sights and stops a long the way. I don’t have to spend a fortune either, since I could hit up camp sites (I can pitch a tent in about 5 minutes), hostels, or if worse comes to worse, a Wal-Mart parking lot.

I was hoping that I might be able to do it this summer but I don’t think I’ll have the funds for it. So I’ll shoot for either winter break or right after graduation next summer.

But enough of that, here’s my summary of the month.

My highlights from this month were:

  • Getting to go to my fraternity’s banquet 1)Although the general rule is that fraternities are for boys and sororities are for girls, there are a few organizations that are co-ed like the one I’m in.
  • Getting to go home for Easter and see my family

My lows from this month were:

  • The amount of work I’ve had to face at my jobs and at school
  • Getting more rejections from internships

That’s ok, because I accomplished:

  • I did my first technical interview with a company that does programs to help kids learn how to code
  • I got an A on the longest paper I’ve ever written for college
  • I continue to get passing grades on all of my work for school
  • I got elected as the recording secretary of my fraternity for next school year
  • I’ve already done 2 out of my 5 exams

I also…

  • Finished the final arc of Sailor Moon
    • It was good series overall and I’ll definitely be rewatching it
  • Watched Mobile Fighter G Gundam
    • I remember seeing this anime as a kid, which prompted me to go and watch
  • started Gundam Seed
    • Another one I remember seeing from my childhood
  • Started rewatching Wolf’s Rain
    • I watched this when I was 14 but never saw it dubbed
  • Watched the anime movie Your Name
    • This movie messed me up so much that I didn’t know whether I was laughing or crying at the end

Next month, I’m looking forward to:

  • Finishing my junior year and going home
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • My 21st birthday on the 29th ??
  • Going on a few small adventures

Next month, I hope to accomplish:

  • Obtaining a job of some sort for the summer
  • Learning more and more knowledge so I can pass the Network+ exam2)I’ve decided I want to obtain a certification before I graduate
  • Starting on a new theme for this site

Finally, a song a from this month:

I’d love to hear how everyone’s month was. Hope you guys have an amazing May!

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1. Although the general rule is that fraternities are for boys and sororities are for girls, there are a few organizations that are co-ed like the one I’m in.
2. I’ve decided I want to obtain a certification before I graduate

Month in Review: March

A picture from a coffee break I took featuring my bike

So March was absolutely insane for me. Between experiencing all 4 seasons in one week to the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on, I’m pretty glad to be moving on into April where warm days are guaranteed.

This week in particular has been particularly tough on me because I received two rejections from companies regarding internships. I received one after interviewing for the position last week and I came away from the interview feeling I didn’t go into it whole-heartedly. The other rejection came from PBS (yes, the American television station).  I was really sad and disappointed and with being stressed about my classes, it was not welcomed news.

I’m doing better though. I might hopefully be leaving my catering job behind soon because I’m interviewing for two separate positions at the student union, which will certainly be a step up. Also yesterday, for all intents and purposes, the forecast said it was supposed to rain all day but out of nowhere, the sun broke through and it was really surprising. Which taught me an important thing: sometimes the sun breaks through when you least expect it.

I was so down on myself the other day because in one of the internships, I was competing with students from a bigger, more well known school than the one I go to and I was….not sure I wanted to be at the school I’m currently at. But now I feel better. I know that it doesn’t matter what school I go to because I’m a great person either way. And that my school does just as good of a job with education as the other schools.

I met with my adviser yesterday to discuss classes for the Fall. I found out that I’ll be able to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree and a cyber security certificate next Spring. I was so afraid that I would be behind but I’m so thrilled that I’m on track for graduation and I’m so excited to see what comes next.

Anyway, here’s a summary of my month:

My Highlights from the month were:

  • I got to interview for an internship position
  • I found out that I’ll be graduating on time – Spring 2018
  • I had my friends around to help me through some tough times  (S/O to Nancy and Pauline)
  • I became a Big in my Fraternity
  • The weather finally turned warm!

Some lows from the month were:

  • Dealing with unease and the feeling that something bad is going to happen (a.k.a anxiety)
  • Getting rejected multiple times for internships
  • Having to work all day on the 18th
  • Worst week – week of March 26

That’s ok because I accomplished:

  • I’m still doing well in all of my classes
  • I’ve done multiple hours of community service
    • I’m almost at the minimum requirement for my fraternity
  • I’m doing well in both my jobs
  • I started riding my bike on a daily basis to get around campus

I also…

  • Finished Sailor Moon SuperS 
    • Which brings me to the final arc of the original anime
  • Started the anime Dragonball
  • Finished the 2nd season of The Office
  • Started watching Sword Art Online II (after hearing a friend rave about it)
  • Finished Season 6 of That 70s Show

Next month, I’m looking forward to:

  • Going home for Easter in couple weeks
  • The amazing weather
  • The possibilities of finding an internship

Next month, I hope to accomplish:

  • Getting an internship
  • doing well in upcoming exams for my classes

Finally, a photo from this month:

Me and a fraternity brother’s dog

How was your month?