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Month: August 2016

This Month’s Poem: August 2016

Well my Summer is officially coming to an end. Tomorrow is my first day of classes and while I’m really excited to continue my education, I’ll miss the relaxed, laid-back feeling that comes with the season. Thankfully, the warm weather doesn’t stop here. I’ll be able to enjoy it, at least until around October.


Anyway, not only is Summer coming to an end but also the month of August. And before it goes, I still need to post a poem for this month.


This one doesn’t have a name it’s something that came out of the blue last week, as I was doing a late night reflection. I first got the inspiration for it when I saw the Perseids (a meteor shower that takes place in the Northern Hemisphere during a few days in August). I hope you enjoy it.


I asked the stars

The question of love

Will it happen?

And when?


This was their answer:


We’re all the same, you and me

We live and we die

Sometimes, without ever getting noticed.

But other times,

The right person sees us

And our light reaches them.


But we’re all just a small part,

Just pieces of a universe.


Let me know what you think!



A Day in the Life: August 2016



So it’s time for this month’s A Day in the Life linkup, which is hosted by Georgie. Let me tell you about my day.


I woke up this morning at around 9. I had breakfast in bed while I watched the morning news. They confirmed my suspicions of a warm day around 81°F (27°C). I decided that I would take advantage of the weather.


At a quarter after 10, I strayed from my apartment and headed for the student union (which I can I see from the front of my building) with the goal of using one of the school computers to work on my online portfolio. It only took me an hour to finish.


Afterwards, I went back to my building and I got my car so I could go to one of the local coffee shops. I stayed there for awhile before deciding to head to one of the local parks by the river.


There, I fished for a bit (to no avail 🙁 ), walked around and ultimately started playing Pokemon Go. Someone left modules at 3 nearby stops so I was able to reap the benefits, catching a Seel, a Magicarp, and a Psyduck among others.


I found a potential new fishing spot on the river, and to confirm that suspicion, I saw someone further down wading with a fishing pole. I made a note to myself for next time. The only problem is, it’s right off the path.




After that, I went back on campus to do some more Pokemon hunting before deciding to go back to my apartment and make some dinner. I then laid around and watched Netflix for a bit.


At 6, I strayed from apartment again, deciding that I haven’t had my fill of the pleasant weather. I was sitting by one of the campus landmarks when someone with a foreign accent asked me about where to find some food. I told him where the main dining area was, but after checking the hours, I broke the news that it was about to close. I pointed him to a place off campus where he could find some food. We introduced ourselves, him revealing that he’s from Switzerland and majoring in Communications.


But that wasn’t the last I saw of him. Later, he came back and sat down next to me. We started getting into a conversation, talking about books, our homes, outdoors, politics, technology, and baseball. He showed me pictures of his hometown (Geneva) and I showed him the area in Montana where my family and I went hiking. It was really refreshing. I’d been flying solo all day and suddenly, I was having a conversation with an exchange student.


Eventually, we parted ways, but not before I gave him my email address. I knew it must be difficult to in a new place with nothing familiar.


What was the last thing you read today?

Um…Facebook? Otherwise, an anti capitalist flyer in the coffee shop and text messages.


How was your day today, compared to yesterday?

Today was a bit better than yesterday, mainly because of me not having to work and having a decent conversation with a stranger.


What is one thing you ate today that you enjoyed?

Technically, I didn’t eat this but it is something that can be consumed and something I found enjoyable.




I got this blended Mocha Madness drink from the coffee shop. Not only was it delicious but I loved mug.


What made you laugh today?

George Takei posted this on Facebook. I found it pretty hilarious.




What do you feel like doing now?

Drinking water, taking a shower, then watching Sailor Moon.


Who was the first person you talked to today?

I wished my step-mom a happy birthday on Facebook. As for people, I talked to a facilities management person at school to make sure the the student union was open.


That’s all for now. TTYL.

Back at the Home of the Highlanders

So I made it back to college on Wednesday. It’s honestly been really weird being able to decide what I do with my time. I worked yesterday and have had today off and I haven’t had any idea what to do. I guess that will be easier when classes start.


Anyway, when I went to the grocery store on Wednesday, the clerk who was checking me out showed me something interesting. It was a dollar bill. But it wasn’t one that could be used as valid currency. Instead of having Lincoln or Jackson or any of the figures that tend to show up on American money, it was the current president dressed in traditional Muslim clothing.


I started laughing in disbelief. And we talked about how offensive the “dollar” was. Especially since our president doesn’t even practice that religion. But when you have a presidential candidate who is alleging that our current president is the leader of a terrorist group, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. And I’m ashamed to say that.


I really hate that people are still judging others based on race or religion. I’ve never done this because people are people and I’d much rather judge them by their character than by their background. It just bothers me that people think it’s acceptable.


Anyway, enough said on that subject.


When I got to the apartment that I share with my roommate, I made the discovery that our internet was not reconnecting, despite the order we put in to get it turned back on. So after relaxing after a long drive and unpacking, I decided to take a walk on campus.


And that’s when I started playing Pokemon Go. My school has quite a few pokestops and some of the classroom buildings are gyms (which will really help with student productivity :hehe: ). All in all, I caught quite a few pokemon, including 3 clefairies, an eevee, and a growlithe. Plus, I ran into one of my fraternity brothers while I was out and about.


Unfortunately, I had to deal with my first night back without internet. Luckily, I have a few books here and I was even able to watch the only DVD I own (Divergent).


When I went back to work yesterday, everything went smoothly and I was glad to see my co-workers again. Plus I got a free meal from working.


Anyway, that’s all for now. TTFN.


Cassidy Currently: 2nd Edition

So I just got back from eating dinner with some of my extended family. It was our last get-together before my cousins, my brother, and I will start back at school or life, etc. It’s something we try to do every year and I’m glad I was able to do it this year.


Speaking of school, I’ve decided to go back Wednesday instead of Sunday. When I emailed my bosses to touch base with them, they said they had plenty of work. So I’ll go back to my college town Wednesday, and work until classes start on the 29th. I’m glad that I’ll be able to get the extra work, especially since classes aren’t in session. So I plan to take full advantage of my time.


I’m really excited to go back though. I’m excited to be a more productive human being again and actually do useful things and learn more about computers and things. It’ll be great.


I did find out that one of classes (Web Programming 1) has more males than females. The class isn’t very big, of course, but it does prove the point that the I.T. field is more male dominated (at least in the U.S.). Oh well, I think I’ll be OK because we’ll be starting with the basics of HTML (which I already know) and that will (hopefully) be my chance to stand out a little bit. 😉


Besides the family dinner, today was also nice because we got to hang with some of members of my step-brother’s family.We were able to hang out at the mall and do a little window shopping and drink milkshakes, etc. It was great to get out and see them one last time before I leave.


Tomorrow will be interesting. I have a lot of packing I need to do. Nothing major, since a lot of my stuff is already at my apartment in my college town. So it’ll be mostly clothes, odds and ends, and a nightstand to replace my current one (a plastic storage box).


Anyway, I promise my life will get more exciting once I bet back to school. TTFN.



#TBT: Starting College

So I was supposed to write this yesterday, but I was much too busy having fun and saying goodbye to summer so…yeah. I guess I’ll have to plan better next time.


So since it’s August and many young adults are getting ready to start college, I thought I’d post about my experience when I started that new, exciting chapter in my life.


The college that I decided to go to was the only four-year institution that admitted me and it wasn’t my first choice as far as school goes. I applied to 2 of them and my top choice did not accept me,unfortunately. But I was determined to go away to school and see what it would be like out on my own. So off I went.


I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t know what I would major in, or what sort of extra curricular activities I would do or how else I would spend my time besides going to class. I just wanted the experience.


When I started packing, my dad was afraid that I was bringing a little too much with me. He asked me to talk to my cousin (who had gone to the same school I go to) about how much she brought with her. Needless to say the amount of stuff I brought was a lot, but not bad compared to others.


Some of the items I packed for my freshman year
Some of the items I packed for my freshman year


My dad and brother helped me move my stuff into my dorm, where they met my roommate. I was acquainted with her from high school and we both requested to room with each other. And we’ve continued to do so ever since.


My first few weeks were rough, to say the least. I was doing fine with my classes but I wasn’t really do much besides going to class and laying around in my dorm. I was lonely and homesick and I was doubting my decision. I had family and job back at home and I was really hating my decision to leave it. But I did love the lifestyle and the fact that I wasn’t confined to a classroom all day like I was in high school. But still, I wanted something more.


Despite the challenges, I made mostly ‘A’s my Fall Semester and my GPA was a solid 3.79. In the spring semester, I was ready to consider transferring to another school that would be closer to home. But I wasn’t ready to give up yet. I knew that I needed something to anchor me to that school, so I started looking. And then I found out about a co-ed fraternity that I would become apart of the following Fall.


My advice for anyone starting college is, to have an open mind and you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.