#TBT: First Flight

So before I tell my story, I wanted to let you know that instead of doing #TBT every other Thursday, I’ve decided to go ahead and just do it on the second Thursday of each month. That way I don’t get tired of it. Middle school was a tough time for me. And I was

My Favorite Things: July 2016

So I decided to go ahead and participate in Raisa and Eirene’s monthly blog link-up. Here are things that I’ve been in love with this month: Food/Drink Pepsi with Lime I’ve been craving some of this stuff for forever. I haven’t had it in ages but there’s something about adding lime to cola-type product that

Stop and Smell the Roses

So today, I went kayaking with my family. I had fun spending time with them and all of us enjoyed the weather that we experience while out on the water. While I was on the river, I heard the distinctive call of an eagle (I’m sort of a bird enthusiast 😉 ). I looked up

New domain

So I was finally able to go ahead and purchase a domain! I’m so happy! You might have noticed that the theme is more or less the same. I tried to build a theme of my own but I have been so out of practice (last time I built one was around 6 years ago)

The Joys of Exercising (sort of)

Much of my immediate family said that it might be a good idea to start exercising. So last week, I started running on the treadmill. I looked on Pinterest to decide how I should approach the running situation. How long should I go? How fast do I need to go? I decided to do 30